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Cafe Chat: Planning a Dream Birthday Trip

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If you don’t have a dream, how can you have a dream come true? – Jiminy Cricket

Across the Cafe Table is turning one this month and we’re talking about traveling birthday celebrations! Let’s discuss the dream trip you would like to be feted with for your birthday someday. Dazzle, surprise, inspire, wow each other… dream big!  Share with us how you plan your big trips or maybe some specifics of what you’d like to do. Who would turn down a private jet and a week or two in the Maldives? If that’s your dream, go for it! But when we ask you to “dream big,” we don’t mean that it has to be something that’s forever out of reach. Get creative!

If you’re like many of us you may find myself asking things like “Can I afford this?!!” “How’s the weather in June when my  birthday is?” “Will I be able to get off work?” Our advice to you is to put these questions aside for now. Just take the first step. Pick a place your curious about or one that you’ve always wanted to visit, and start dreaming and planning.

Answer on your own blog and link up below, or simply comment here or on Facebook. We always leave the linking tool up for a week or two, so don’t hesitate to come back and join us in a day or two!

Margo’s answer can be read over here. She also made a Pinterest board to get her planning started. If you would like to play on Pinterest, you can link your board below instead of doing a post, or do both!

Briana’s answer:

Here at The Travel Belles, we like to dream big when it comes to getting out there and seeing the world. And for a birthday, well, bigger is even better!

I’ve been very fortunate to have already taken some dream trips, but one that I haven’t done yet is India. So much about the country and its culture intrigues me, and I would love to experience it all – the cuisine, colors, music, dance, history – first hand.

One of the things I would undoubtedly include on my itinerary is a yoga retreat. I’ve practiced yoga for several years now, so to experience it in the place where it began so many years ago would certainly be inspiring and enlightening. Then after improving body and wind with yoga, I would indulge the food-lover in me by taking a cooking course. Indian cuisine is so vibrant and flavorful, and bringing that tradition home with me would be the best souvenir.

I would also check out the main attractions – of course the Taj Mahal is on my list – and spend mornings at the markets and bazaars searching for treasures. And who wouldn’t want to see a lively dance or music show as well?

Someone recently described India to me as a “whack at the senses” for first-time visitors, and I would certainly indulge all five of them if I turned this dream birthday trip into reality.

Now tell us, what’s your dream birthday trip? Link up below if answering on your own blog, being sure to link back to this post! Or link to a Pinterest board you’ve started for your dream trip. Also please remember to use the hashtag #cafechat!

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12 thoughts on “Cafe Chat: Planning a Dream Birthday Trip”

  1. Happy Birthday!!! Can’t believe it’s been a year already. 🙂 I LOVED this topic so much. It really made me think and ask myself point blank: what would it take to make this dream come true? 🙂 Thank you for inspiring me so beautifully!!

  2. Happy birthday, Across the Cafe Table! I’ve really enjoyed participating and reading everyone’s posts. I love this topic – post coming up later…

  3. Great idea to use Pinterest to plan a trip.

    I’m having a dream (if cold and wet) birthday with a cruise to Ireland, Scotland, Iceland, Faroe Islands, Norway and Denmark. How cool is that?

    Happy Birthday Across the Cafe Table.

  4. Briana, I didn’t know about you and yoga! I do it at home… but have always been curious about going to some kind of yoga retreat in India. A cooking class would be fab too – do you know of any?

  5. Thanks, Cathy! I’m glad you liked the Pinterest idea…. I enjoyed it too – I’m trying to think of a way to do more Pinterest related things over here and/or on the community boards – It really does loan itself well to travel, I think 🙂

  6. I hate celebrating my birthday. So, I made a commitment to every year go someplace I’ve never been before on my birthday. So far, Jamiaca, Anguilla, Marrakech, Morocco; Key West; Capri, Italy; and the year leading up to my ‘BIG’ birthday, I hit 22 countries! Kind of blew it out that year.

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