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Brunch for all Budgets in Dubai

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Glamorous Dubai brunch options to suit every budget

In an ultra-modern capitalist playground like Dubai, even the traditions are new. One that has gained a firm cultural stiletto-hold is the glamorous and lavish Friday brunch.

The array of Friday brunches is almost too much to take in, and every locale has its own take on the best one. Stiff competition means that there are real deals to be had and a surprisingly wide price range to select from. Predictably, costs rise once you factor alcohol into the equation and really spiral if you fall for the charms of the champagne brunches on offer at chichi establishments like the InterContinental or The Westin.

Friday brunch spread at The Ritz-Carlton’s Splendido

A really good option at the value end of the scale is Almaz by Momo. The brunch deal for Dhs90 (about $25) is available on both Fridays and Saturdays and has a North African theme with tasty Moroccan and Berber specialties. Its location in the Mall of the Emirates means that you can walk off, or even ski off, the food in a beautiful, vast shopping and leisure complex.

[pullquote]In an ultra-modern capitalist playground like Dubai, even the traditions are new. One that has gained a firm cultural stiletto-hold is the glamorous and lavish Friday brunch.[/pullquote]

On our last visit we sampled The Ritz-Carlton brunch, which was mind-bogglingly opulent and lived up to its restaurant’s name, Splendido. We were unable to resist over-eating the canapés, freshly prepared sushi and sashimi, rock oysters, delicious stews and various cheeses. When we had already satiated ourselves on the endless indoor choices, one of the attentive and friendly waiting staff wandered over to inform us that there was a dim sum station, mixed grill and omelet wagon outside.

Children are fussed over at brunch in Dubai.  There is enough fun food, like the chocolate fountain with fresh strawberries and tropical fruit, to keep them happy and amused. Although it’s a pretty horrifying Dhs545 (about $150) for adults with champagne, we skipped the alcohol and our two year old ate free, which brought the price down to something manageable.

The luxurious Atlantis The Palm

Friday brunchtime boasts the vast majority of options. It is also possible to enjoy a somewhat paradoxical “evening brunch,” and a number of great places offer Saturday brunches, including the very impressive Ronda Locatelli at Atlantis The Palm. Although with house drinks it’s a pricey Dhs295 (about $80) per person, kids aged six to 12 only pay Dhs100 (about $27) each. Once you have made the brunch trip out to Atlantis The Palm, to either Ronda Locatelli or Saffron, you can stay and enjoy the world’s largest manmade island. There’s a large aquarium right next to the brunch venues and a brilliant water park, Aquaventure, as well as a beach and Dolphin Bay.

Ultimately, this tradition offers something to appeal to every wallet and palate and is not to be missed on a trip to the UAE.

*Photo of brunch at Splendido courtesy of The Ritz-Carlton website. Image of Atlantis The Palm by and property of Emma French. 

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  1. I do love a good brunch. 🙂 The price of the Ritz-Carlton is daunting – but what a fun way to spoil yourself mid-trip. 🙂

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