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The Rooftops of Vogogna, Italy

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The theme of this week’s #FriFotos on Twitter is “Rooftops.” Being somewhat of an architecture and history nerd, I wanted to share with you the view out the window I woke up to each morning at Palazzo del Gabelliere over the rooftops of Vogogna, Italy.

The roofs are made from local Piedmont granite tile slabs (piodi in Italian) and weigh about 60 – 80 pounds each.

The name ‘Piode’ is also the name of a nearby Piedmontese municipality and refers to the local quarries from which they are extracted. This material traditionally clads the roofs of Alpine houses and baite. 

Baite are small buildings that are often clustered together in Alpine pastures and are used seasonally by herders tending cattle, goats or sheep.

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