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Useful Travel Facilities at London Airports

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Britain’s capital is a thriving metropolis home to over 20 million people. With almost the same amount of tourists visiting the capital in 2016, it’s no wonder that London boasts 5 major airports. Although Heathrow and Gatwick are by far the largest of these, Stansted, City and Luton are by no means small and cater to millions of passengers each year.

In such a busy environment, having the right travel facilities in place can make all the difference. We all know the feeling of running late for a flight, or being caught out by the traffic.

So, to help you have a smooth airport experience on your next journey, we have written our top 5 useful travel facilities at London airports.

The Express

Lets face it, nowadays there is so much traffic on the roads that it’s really quite risky to reach an airport by car. This is particularly true if you’re running late, just one traffic jam on the M25 and you’re going to miss your flight. Luckily, Heathrow, Gatwick and Stansted all offer express trains from the heart of London. The Heathrow Express takes a mere 15 minutes from Paddington, whilst the Stansted Express takes 47 minutes from Liverpool Street and the Gatwick Express takes 30 minutes from Victoria. Ideal during rush hour!

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Get A Driver

Taxi and chauffeur services are common throughout all airports in London and make travelling a real breeze. Whilst traffic can prove to be an issue on occasion, taxis and chauffeurs have access to the bus lanes which really speed things up. Sit back and relax as an airport chauffeur does the work for you. Maybe read a paper or get some extra work done along the way!

Stay The Night

Without doubt one of the best ways to ensure a smooth travel experience within an airport is to stay the night at one of the adjoining hotels. Simply turn up the evening before, get a relaxed dinner, take a warm bath and get a good nights sleep. The next morning you can forget traffic, long journeys or train stations, just walk 5 minutes to the check-in desk and head on through to security. Easy!

Comfy Lounges

Yes, you’ll have to pay a little extra to book, but a comfortable waiting lounge is one of the most useful airport facilities you can use. Escape the hectic crowds and find a nice quiet space to work or relax. It doesn’t matter who you’re flying with, simply book ahead of time. Enjoy complimentary drinks, bar snacks, showers, wifi, newspapers and magazines. More often than not, waiting lounges also get the best views of the runway. The perfect way to stay relaxed before a long flight.

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Pick Yourself Up

In our fast paced world, Airport car parks are now hugely popular these days, as people want their car ready and waiting when they return. Luckily, there is a premium service offered by almost all airport car parking companies that allows people cars to be waiting out side the terminal when you arrive! Simply pay a little extra and a member of the parking team will drive your car to the terminal of your choice and have it ready and waiting for you to drive off in. Ideal if you’re in a rush or don’t want the hassle of a bus transfer.

So there it is, our top 5 useful travel facilities at London airports. Remember, staying relaxed and giving yourself plenty of time is the key to a smooth journey. By doing all or some of the ideas mentioned above, you will significantly reduce your stress levels and have a much more enjoyable travel experience.


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