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Europe for Christmas? Or Home? Where would you choose to travel for Christmas?

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If you HAD to spend the holidays away somewhere, where would you go and what would you do?

Christmas market in Strasbourg, France

Briana’s answer:

Being from Boston, a December holiday spent some place warm and sunny always sounds enticing. I imagine a few days feeling light and free, strolling around without wearing a jacket that makes me look like the Michelin Man.

But throughout all my travels I’ve learned that the holidays are best spent with family and friends. In the end, I love sitting around and stuffing myself on home-cooked food, watching the littlest ones get excited on Christmas morning, and laughing with my aunt the schoolteacher, who never fails to have us in stitches with some harmless yet surprising lewd joke.

So, I’m afraid this month’s Across The Café Table question just isn’t for me. And if I must answer it, I’ll do it by cheating a little bit.

Where would I go if Boston were off limits this Christmas? Well, anywhere, as long as I could bring my sometimes-crazy family with me. From Alaska to Argentina, California to China, the destination really wouldn’t matter. In the end, I think the holidays are just like travel; they’re memorable not because of where you spend them, but rather because of who you spend them with.

Margo’s answer:

Hey Briana, you know how we love strange old Christmas traditions around here. But did you know that Christmas used to be banned in Boston? You can read about what the Massachusetts Puritans called  “a profane and superstitious custom.”  Also I’m curious given that you currently live in Ireland about any similarities you have observed between Boston and Irish culture. Maybe another blog post? 🙂

Also I anticipated that we might be tempted to cheat! Because, yes, there is an excellent chance that even the most intrepid of Travel Belles would choose to stay home or at the very least, only travel where spending time with family members was part of the package.

To answer this question as intended I must either pretend that someone is holding a gun to my head, or that there is a provision for taking all of my family members with me to imagined Christmas destination.

I will admit that someday I would like to go to Europe for Christmas. Here’s exactly where I’d go:

Strasbourg, France.

The city bills itself as “Capital of Christmas,” and the title seems fitting given the full calendar of events that are scheduled each holiday season. Additionally Strasbourg is home to multiple Christmas markets, including the main one that dates from 1570 held in Place Broglie .  Strasbourg also has its fair share of unique Christmas traditions and legends, including a tale about how glass ornaments came to be hung on trees following an apple shortage in 1850. Located in the Alsace region of France near the German border, the picturesque city laced with canals possesses a unique international flair.

Besides, although part of me would love to grab the family and head somewhere tropical over Christmas (I’ve always thought the British Virgin Islands would be very nice over New Years), but Europe for Christmas, in particular Strasbourg, with its seasonal weather would most likely accomodate me in my set ideas about holiday appropriate cold and dark weather!

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*Photo by Francois Schnell

Let it Snow this Christmas
A White Picket Fence
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  1. Katy

    Briana, you are absolutely right about spending Christmas with family and friends; it really doesn’t matter where you are as long as they are there too! For the purposes of this month’s question, I kind of took it for granted that the whole gang would be coming too!

    Margo, so interesting about Christmas being cancelled in Boston, those Puritans didn’t have much fun, did they?! They did the same in Britain. Strasbourg sounds like the perfect Christmas destination, with its history and festivities!

  2. Margo

    I woke up this morning with the urge to spend Christmas on Virgin Gorda.

  3. cailin

    I would also go to Strasbourg, France! It’s on my bucket list to visit that tree in person.

  4. Katy

    You’re clearly meant to have a beach paradise Christmas!

  5. Gina

    Northern Italy – I’d head to the ski resorts!

  6. Briana Palma

    So I actually didn’t know Christmas used to be banned in my lovely home city. But it’s not that surprising — there are still some Puritan laws on the books today! And yes, lots of similarities between Dublin and Boston, except the people here are much friendlier!

  7. Jessica

    Me too! I wish I had a ticket there next week! Anywhere in Europe is wonderful at Christmas time… I love Christmas markets, mulled wine…

  8. Kate Turner

    I agree Briana, family is definitely the most important part of Christmas! And Margo, I also like the sound of Strasbourg – all those Christmas markets and mulled wine…

  9. judith works

    I’d go to Bali – Need a dose of tropical heat and sunshine

  10. Margo

    10 hrs. later, still feeling Virgin Gorda. #someday

  11. Briana Palma

    Well I just read something about Christmas in Spain…

  12. admin

    slightly off topic, but last year we wrote about how in Holland Sinter Klaus is from Spain and comes up to visit on Dec. 6 by ship! I’d like to jump on the return trip.

  13. Krista

    As long as the people I love are there, I don’t care where I celebrate!! This year it’s on a small farm in Australia bush country. 🙂 But if I could go anywhere, England would be at the top of my list. 🙂

  14. Christina

    I’m not much of a winter-lover so I would love to spend Christmas in Colombia or Key West or some other balmy locale.

  15. Caterina B

    I would absolutely go to Oaxaca! I have not been there at Christmas but I think I would love it then.
    All my life I have had COLD or SNOWY Christmases. In my opinion, snow really doesn’t have anything to do with the true meaning of Christmas. So….maybe somewhere warm for a change would be just wonderful. Of course hubby and I would want our three adult children to be with us. They make Christmas relevant for us.

  16. Margo Millure

    @Christina yep.. I always start out liking winter at first, but it doesn’t take much of it to make me want to get out of town… to an island (see above – still want to go to Virgin Gorda)

    @Caterina have you been to Oaxaca other times, I take it? I would love to hear more about it! And yes, having the kids, no matter how old they are make Christmas relevant! 🙂

  17. Margo Millure

    you have become quite the Anglophile lately… hummm. And I totally get the reasons why. Who is in for Sept. or Oct?

  18. Elizabeth Schneider

    Yikes! I missed this month so I’ll just post here.

    First of all, Margo — I used to live in St. John and I LOVE Virgin Gorda…but I always wanted to go to Anegada, the least known of all the BVI but apparently the coolest. On the list!

    Being the Yankee that I am, it’s got to be cold for Christmas, but there has to be wine in abundance so I’d pick Vienna. Tons of stuff to do, gorgeous, and so close to wine country in Austria! And when I wasn’t sipping wine, I could have that divine chocolate and streudel!

    Happy Festivus, all!

  19. Alex

    If I were to win (Hi Joe, John, everyone Merry Christmas!) I’d spend tneryehivg on the kiddos. My littlest one’s been wanting a vTech system (can buy used at amazon) and my middle child wants the Hannah Montana guitar that you plug directly into the TV (like those little controllers they have out now for instant game play) and well, my fifteen year old son wants to go to his first rock band concert in Febrary so I figured I’d give him what ever was left on the card so that he can buy a T-shirt and what have you while he’s there. It’s all about my kids this year!!!!I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas this year!!!!!!-barbarabaker

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