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The Best Places To Travel For Christmas

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Are you wondering where to travel to during the holidays? Then you’ve come to the right place!

The Yuletide is just around the corner. There are a lot of things that you can do during this most-welcome annual break. But apart from catching up with friends and family, there are lots of opportunities to explore the world, that celebrated this holiday.

Whistler, Canada

The Whistler is the place to go if you want to experience an authentic white Christmas. With its picturesque and eye-catching sceneries, the place is just breathtaking! To get here, drive towards the Coast Mountains from the Vancouver Airport for about half an hour.

Once you are there, you can also enjoy outdoor activities. Since it typically snows there, you can indulge in the thrill of skiing or skating. You can even camp outdoors, as long as you have the appropriate tent setup and warm winter gear with you. Trust me. Celebrating the holidays in Whistler will be unforgettable.

Orlando, Florida

Unlike frosty Canada, Orlando offers a warm alternative. For me, this is one of the best places to visit with your family during the winter holidays. Not the least because Orlando has theme parks and resorts that go all-out in December. You can take your loved ones to the Disney World Mickey Christmas Party or the Universal Resort Holiday Event. But even if you miss these celebrations, Christmas in Orlando is just relentless! The place itself is full of holiday-related activities that seem to have now end…

Palm Beach, Aruba

Another sunny place to visit during Christmas. For those who are not familiar with the place, Aruba is a small Dutch island, near Valenzuela. The location is teeming with coconut groves, white-sand beaches, and magnificent sites.

However, the most famous destination in Aruba is a two-mile white sand strip, famously known as the Palm Beach. Luxury hotels are conveniently dotted throughout the area. The best thing about the place – it’s always dry, so you won’t have to worry about some rain ruining your perfectly white-sand Christmas!

London, UK

If a flight over the pond is on the cards, you just can’t miss London, and not because you’d probably have to fly here first. During the holiday season, London has that special and totally unique to this city magic. The place itself becomes a Christmas Wonderland thanks to its winter cold, astonishing light decorations, Christmas markets and rather spirited and diverse community.

Christmas-inspired street decorations and Christmas trees are a common sight here. Furthermore, the winter markets provide an avenue for thrift shopping, too. You can acquire terrific gifts in these stalls for an insanely affordable price!

Start by visiting the Hyde Park  Winter Wonderland. Starting November, the place hosts the country’s biggest ice rink. It offers a simple joy in the company of total strangers sharing with you their childish fun on ice. Afterwards you’re in for a treat: feast your eyes to the thousands of sparkling Christmas lights surrounding the park.

If you are a big fan of Harry Potter, visiting the Hogwarts in the Snow is a great idea. Don’t worry. All the wizards and witches are on vacation during the holidays.


For those who want to enjoy the outdoors during the holidays, Dominica is just perfect. But don’t confuse the Dominican Republic with Dominica. Specifically, Dominica is a tacked away island that boasts a plethora of tropical oases that would melt your heart. You can locate the place on the Eastern Caribbean Island, which makes Dominica a haven for those who love rainforests, waterfalls, and rivers.

You can fly here directly from Europe or North America: just head towards Puerto Rico or Barbados. But, if you are not into adventure, this holiday venture might not be for you.

Something Near

If you live in a small town, Christmas can fell idyllic, as small towns tend to decorate the hell out their streets for this special holiday. But to break the monotony of every day’s life, you can always head to a big city that us near your home.

Metropolises like Chicago, Washington D.C., New York or even Portland and Seattle can shine brightly and seem completely glorious during this time of the year. Just another urban jungles throughout the year, the cities transform into holiday wonderlands in their own right every December. Various and simultaneous events overtake many of their streets, parks and corners.

The expenses of visiting the cities on the holidays can get curtailed. If you are planning to stay there for a night or two, you can check into hotels and B&Bs that have discounted rates.

And a very Merry Christmas to you, wherever you are!


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  1. I am from Canada, so really enjoy going to Florida over the Holidays – warm, sunny and has lots of Christmas events/spirits! I hadn’t heard of Dominica before, and it sure sounds interesting, might have to look it up next year.

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