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How to Choose the Best Hiking Backpack

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You are probably planning to go hiking with your friends or you might be waiting for the next Altemus Leadership Programme or simply want to know a little more about hiking. We are here to tell you how you can pack your backpack so that you are well-equipped.

As you’re required to bring in several supplies, you should be keen on getting the best quality hiking backpacks only. You must take time to select a good backpack and also understand your requirements well. Following are some of the points you need to note:

  1. Capacity

The foremost thing you need to consider is the space you need. For this, you need to consider how long your journey is. If you are mainly a weekend traveler, you can do with carryon backpacks, but if you plan to go on long excursions you will need heavy duty backpacks. The space in both of these sizes will differ from 40 to 80 liters respectively. If you are not aware of what size you might need, you should assemble the things you’d take and then order your bag.

  1. Frame style

It is necessary to haul your gear when you walk down trails, and so, many backpacks are made with a rigid frame. You must check the types of frame backpacks so that it helps distribute the weight of your load evenly all through the carrier. This reduces fatigue and keeps you ticking through for a long time. It also doesn’t leave a negative impact on your body.

  • External frame packs

The external frame packs were the first kind produced and had a strong hold in the market for a long time. These are great to use in wide and open places, but they can be a little difficult to deal with when you’re crossing dense vegetation or rock crevices. On the other hand, it helps you attach more equipment on the outside and tend to be less pricey than the other option.

  • Internal frame packs

The internal frame packs have gained a quite a lot of recognition, but are still new to many hikers. This frame adds all your goods on the inside and is often a preferred choice for modern backpackers.

  1. Organizing

The backpacks are usually made with a huge central opening to make it easily accessible. However, the arrangement might make it tough to access the gear at the base. You need to plan your backpacking-spree in such a way that you don’t need to reach out to that spot until you can afford to open up the entire backpack. You can use flashlight to get through to your stuff or use packing cubes so that you know where you things are placed.

  1. Fit

Fit is one of the integral aspects that you can’t miss out on. The fit of the bag will determine if you have a smooth trip or not. To determine the right fit, you need to measure your torso from the top of the shoulders and go right up to the hip bones. If it is less than 15 inches you might need an extra small pack. However, if your torso is 16 – 17 inches you need small backpacks. If it goes beyond that, you need medium sizes and 20 inches or more will need you to get a large pack. There might be some variations according to the type of bag or brand you choose, but this is round about an average sketch you’d have to follow.

  1. Features

Once you have narrowed down your list of backpacks according to the above criteria, you need to attend to the features. There is no right or wrong in here, and you have the freedom according to your choice and requirement. You might be moving abroad for studies and so you want to keep a hiking backpack handy for quick tours or you might be a regular hiker who wants numerous sections in their backpacks. Your usage will make a difference in this choice.

  1. Rain cover

If you’re planning to move to a rainy place after getting a scholarship for post graduation, you will need rain covers for almost anything. Your backpack is the first thing that needs a shield as it will carry your essential belongings. Most modern backpacks come with this feature or you can buy something that you prefer for further protection. From plastic tarp, poncho to heavy-duty garbage bag, you can always improvise with these.

The above points opened up the main things that you need to keep in mind while buying a hiking backpack. You might also be keen on having some external clips and rings that can come to your help to carry the gear safely. Try to find ways you can pack light to make your journey more desirable.


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