Myrtle Beach

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Myrtle Beach for Shoppers

What if you don't want to spend every day of their beach week actually on the beach? Yes, there are lots of golf courses both miniature and major, amusement parks, and tourist centers with plenty of places to get henna tatoos and ice cream. Good, clean family fun is the name of the game in these parts, and there is nothing the matter with that. But, how about if you don't want to do just that? Where are the best places to go shopping in Myrtle Beach? Where are the best places to go to get some retail action that doesn't involve going anywhere near one of those beachwear shops located on every corner?

Photos from a Myrtle Beach Sunset

When I first moved to Myrtle Beach, new local friends would sometime express amazement that I actually spent so much time on the beach. Summer, fall, winter, spring, you'd find me there at all kinds of times that weren't at high noon in the summer.…

Myrtle Beach 101: Myrtle Beach State Park

  Part Two (for Part One, about various locations in the Myrtle Beach area go here. Or here for shopping in Myrtle Beach. Or here for one of our favorite restaurants for out of town visitors.) Parks haven't always been my thing. I used to think…

Myrtle Beach 101: Part One

Mention Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, and many a married man gets a wild look in his eye . For them a trip to this area which is sometimes referred to as The Grand Strand is mostly associated with one thing: golf. This first article in…