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Un-Cruise to the Sea of Cortez on PlumDeluxe

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I have an article up today over on about Dave’s and my recent Un-Cruise to the Sea of Cortez.


When I pictured our perfect cruise, there would be no huge ports of call, iceberg-sized vessels, nor sunburned, sombrero-clad masses. There would be an absence of rock climbing walls, wave pools, and Love Boat-style midnight buffets. Tuxedos and evening gowns? No way!  Head over to PlumDeluxe for the whole article.

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Margo Millure lives in Richmond, Virginia. She is a portrait photographer, writer and founder of Travel Belles. Learn more about her at

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  1. Justine de Jonge

    This sounded like an amazing trip Margo. Plus, the pics looked stunning.

    I love how it’s called an Un-Cruise too! 🙂

  2. Margo Millure

    Thanks, Justine! I love the name too – sums it up well! 🙂

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