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7 Fun Outdoor Activities To Do In San Francisco

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San Francisco, the City of Angels. I have read that phrase in many novels over the years but have never truly understood why it was called like that.

Sure, the city is beautiful, but how wonderful could it truly be? The truth is, it’s not just wonderful – it’s thrilling, and enchanting. Its’s giant trees, perfect surfs, and a stunning skyline, will take your breath away and elate you, much like the angels!

If you decide to visit San Francisco, here is my list of the top outdoor activities that will have you marvelling at its beauty and coming back for more.

1. Visit Muir Woods

This might be typical tourist hotspot, but it’s not difficult to understand the appeal.

The giant California Redwoods are truly magnificent. Some of them are over 1,000 years old, and measure at 300 feet tall. Book a Muir Woods Tours, and you can stroll along the charming trails, perhaps glimpsing a fox or deer through the foliage.

These tours also include a trip to Sausalito, where you can play the tourist safely, have a delicious lunch, and acquire a souvenir or two.

Remember to bring your camera.

2. Visit The Angel Island

Don’t they call it the City of Angels?

Angel Island is likely one of San Francisco’s more famous landmarks. The island offers a wonderful 13 miles of biking or hiking routes, whatever your preference. However, you could also just enjoy the stunning views and charming cafés.

If you want to stay a little longer, you can spend a night or two under the stars. However, campsites are limited and booking in advance, or mid-week, is best. Take a ferry!

3. Hike In The Yosemite National Park

Yes, I am adding yet another of San Francisco’s iconic landmarks to my list. I couldn’t resist.

The magnificent granite rock formations are the obvious draw, but Yosemite National Park offers much more than rocks. Take the time to hike through this gorgeous piece of nature, and you will be rewarded with stunning waterfalls, mesmerizing vistas and beauty in every direction you look.

You may want to consider timing your visit for winter, when the park is empty, and even more glorious in its frozen beauty.

4. Go For A Bike Ride On The Paradise Loop

As the name suggests, this 35-mile stretch is basically paradise – but mostly for cyclists.

The loop is perfect for mid and intermediate-level cyclists and offers stunning views of the San Francisco Bay. The recently paved stretch offers a smooth ride, and the views provide the perfect backdrop for a sunset (or sunrise) ride.

5. Let Your Hair Down On The Seward Street Slides

Yes, slides. This is the perfect opportunity to shrug off that responsible adult façade and embrace your inner child.

These concrete slides were once a secret pleasure for the those living in this residential area, but they have now become a rather popular attraction.

Take a piece of cardboard along for extra speed and race a friend down the slopes.

6. Enjoy Lots Of Recreational Activities Of The Point Reyes National Seashore

Point Reyes offers everything an adventure-lover could want.

Whether you love hiking, biking or kayaking (or all the above), you can be sure that Point Reyes has exactly what you need for the perfect outdoor experience.

And if you’re hesitant to end your experience at sunset? Don’t worry, there are four campsites available for those reluctant to end their adventure early. Remember to book in advance to avoid disappointment.

7. Watch Surfers On The Ocean Beach

You may recall that I might have mentioned the perfect surfs? Ocean Beach is San Francisco’s largest stretch of sandy-white beach.

It also happens to be the best surfing spot in town. If the weather is good, you can be sure to find the perfect waves here.
Not a surfer? No worries, you could skim-board, skate or bike along the esplanade or just soak up the sun.

A Little Something Extra

If you’re still not convinced to add San Francisco to your list, I left the best for last: The Wave Organ.

This is an incredible example of how deeply art can touch our souls. This stroke of genius could have been considered madness during its creation, but no one can argue how perfectly it captures the sea’s song.

Visit during high tide to hear the true beauty of the Wave Organ, and you might be convinced that San Francisco is indeed a City of Angels.


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