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Traveling With Jewelry – What You Need to Know

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Traveling with jewelry can be stressful and you must decide if taking it with you is worth risk of losing it or having it stolen. While I know that some items hold sentimental value (such as wedding rings), it is for that very reason that you should consider leaving them at home.

If it’s truly important for you to travel with a few pieces of jewelry, here are a few things you should know.

Use a Substitute Wedding Band

Wearing a suitable substitute ring in place of your wedding band might be the best thing to do.

Costume jewelry is equally as beautiful as the real thing and cheaper to replace if lost or stolen. Finding a less valuable ring to wear in place of your wedding band shouldn’t be too difficult and will help bring your stress levels down a notch.

This rule generally applies to all your jewelry. Leave the sentimental and expensive things at home and make a habit of traveling with costume jewelry instead.

Jewelry Travel Luggage

Jewelry luggage is small luggage designed specifically for jewelry. They come in rolls, boxes and bags, and contain multiple compartments for your jewelry. Having jewelry luggage is a great way to not only store your jewelry but to prevent your necklaces from tangling.

If, however, you don’t have extra funds for a jewelry roll, then you can thread your necklaces through a straw (one necklace per straw) to prevent tangling and make holes in a flashcard (use pins) for your earrings.


It is never a good idea to put your jewelry in your travel luggage as those go missing quite often. Instead, place it in your carry-on where you know it will be secure.

Your carry-on rarely leaves your possession while traveling and will be the most secure place for your jewelry (other than your person) until you reach your accommodation.

Research Your Chosen Destination

Where are you traveling to? What is the state of the local economy?
This is important information to know. You need to do your research into which areas are high in crime and should be avoided, as well as tourist-friendly areas.

You should follow the general travel safety guidelines, such as no traveling anywhere alone at night, and avoid acting like the ‘obvious tourist’. Walking around with a map and looking lost is a sure way to become an easy target.

Jewelry Safety Precautions

Before booking your accommodation, find out if there is a safe in your room. Many of the finer hotels and lodges will have a safe in each room, and it is best to secure your valuables inside it once you arrive at your room.

Leaving your jewelry inside your carry-on is not a secure way to store it, as there is always the risk of someone breaking into your room. Use the safe to store all valuable items, including jewelry, cash, credit cards, your passport, and visa.

You should also seriously consider jewelry insurance for your expensive jewels. Many retailers offer insurance for expensive items, and you should always accept this offer. However, if you don’t have insurance on your items, consider getting a jewelry-specific insurance before traveling with expensive jewels.

Final Considerations

As I said, it may be best to just leave your expensive and sentimental jewelry pieces at home, where they are safe.

Costume jewelry can accessorize your outfits just as well as the real thing, and they will cost a lot less to replace. Remember to take pictures of your jewelry before you begin your travels, as this will allow you to have proof of your valuables for insurance purposes.


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