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Female Healers Near Ubud

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Landing in Ubud by way of Singapore, I felt a wave of relief wash across my being. Like the cool ocean breath, I immediately felt alive and inspired by Bali. The living colors and vibrant nature of blissful island living tap danced across my soul.

I travelled to Bali by way of Pune, India, where I’d spent about one month at Osho’s Zen Center there. In Osho’s I completed a 21 day meditation called Mystic Rose. My design was to visit Bali as a place to recenter and heal afterward.

Rather than the soft landing I’d anticipated, Ubud cracked me open even more. There is a deep energy in Ubud called a Buddha center. Much like the energy in Pune, it has a deep gravitational pull. My body felt melted into quicksand. One ex-patriot told me that Bali will bring up unfinished business. That’s exactly how Ubud’s Buddha healing energy worked for me.

Once grounded in Ubud my eyes blossomed wide. There’s an abundance of healing to explore there, it’s overwhelming. Yoga centers, crystal shops, mala (prayer) beads, and healers abound. If you are like me and on the quest to meet healers, though, I caution discernment. Not everyone is a healer as advertised. I learned this firsthand.

In Ubud, I stayed in beautiful traditional Balinese bungalows called Artini 2 Cottages. They were located in the heart of Ubud. A short walk to the Yoga Barn, for those seeking asana.

At check-in the front deskman offered me a meeting with his family healer the next day. Since I’d shared my experience in Pune with him, I felt he saw my path so I agreed to the meeting. The next afternoon found me adorning a helmet and hopping onto his motor scooter. Off we zoomed into the countryside.

My jaw dropped at the beauty just moments outside of Ubud. Amazing rice fields, hundreds of birds in nature, and space. But the healer himself may have been false. In my heart it feels like I was taken for more then just a ride on the motor bike. Looking back, I’d make a different decision and use more discernment. Such is the life of an adventurer.

Being a seeker, my quest for healing was not dissuaded. Through advice from a mystic friend of mine who’d spent decades living in Bali, I met two powerful female healers. They both impressed me with their deep practices. And I still feel grateful for knowing them.

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One was Ida the High Priestess. Her family compound is about an hour outside of Ubud. You’ll need to hire a trusted driver to take you there. Along the way make sure to pickup a traditional Balinese offering basket and bring a donation of money. This is the right fashion for arrival. You may also call ahead, or ask your driver to phone. Almost every day, locals and tourists alike arrive for her healing, so calling ahead may help.

The ceremony itself is a water ceremony. The High Priestess spends about an hour clearing the space with incense, prayer, water, and flowers. Once ready, people are brought to her in small groups. She speaks English and invites people to manifest what needs healing.

For me, on my second visit to see her, I went with a vision of what pain to heal from my past. In so doing I let out the loudest cries and screams I could muster. It was one of the most vulnerable experiences of my life, but well worth the knowingness that I’d honored myself and my path.

After the ceremony, I was lucky to participate in a Tibetan bowl ceremony with the Priestess. She told us about her experience with death where she came back from the other side with prayers and chants downloaded. Normally to become a high priestess takes years of schooling and mentorship. For her it was almost an overnight experience.

Another healer I’d recommend is a Quan Yin healer named Jero Ayu. You’ll need a trusted driver as well. And it’s well worth the trip to the countryside outside of Ubud.

Jero Ayu is one of the most beautiful people I’ve ever met. She embodies the goddess Quan Yin, the goddess of compassion. Just like that, this Jero Ayu was so kind and graceful in her presence. I went with a group and we arrived with the proper offering of a handwoven gift basket, healing coconuts, and money donation. She then chanted over us and used a healing stick to poke places on our bodies. She melodically sang as we drifted into a soft mediation. Afterward, she invited us to ask a question about life. Any question. And softly replied in her guidance and blessings.

Afterward, there was a clarity across our groups’ faces. I sensed she calmed our souls allowing an essence to free itself. It was like floating on a soft cloud of sunshine after meeting her. A couple weeks later I went back. In that ceremony she suggested I bring my healing energy back to others. A true blessing.

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Since visiting Ubud, these powerful female healers have inspired me. Women have been healers since the beginning of time. There is a strong marriage between Source essence and female intuitive healing energy, I believe. My experience in Ubud inspired me to delve deeper into the work of female healers and to purchase a site called A safe space for anyone to come heal and explore his or her yin, or, feminine energy.

I hope my experiences inspire you to find your own healing path while you’re out there! Enjoy the journey, seekers. Life is short!



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