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Spectacular Road Trips in Norway

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Norway’s essence of appeal is remarkably simple: it’s one of the most beautiful countries in the world. And what better way to see Norway’s sights and wonders than on a road trip! With epic road trips covering over 4500 km, Norway offers the most spectacular scenery and stunning natural beauty. The experiences are indeed a once in a lifetime moment for any visitor.

From experiencing the 24-hour sunlight in the Arctic Circle to waking up to the incredible Fjordland views to standing on 5000-year-old glaciers, there’s a lot to experience along the way during a road trip. Here are our recommended stops along your Norway road trip:  

Hike to Kjeragbolten

The picture of a free hanging rock that’s mysteriously wedged in a mountain crevice overlooking a beautiful fjord is perhaps the biggest draw to this world renowned hiking spot. According to Norway Tours which can be found on, the Kjeragbolten is one of Norway’s most popular touring and hiking spots. Challenge yourself with the 9 km hike with a 600-meter climb and step onto the daunting Kjerag rock if you’re brave enough.

Drive the Famous Aurlandsfjellet Snow Road

A road trip around Norway is not complete without a drive through the famous Aurlandsfjellet Snow Road that stretches for 46 km through the mountains. The road is only open during summer months due to heavy snow which renders the road impassable during the winter. The snow walls that line the road are a great sight to behold, though.

Chase Waterfalls at Steinsdalsfossen

There are many beautiful waterfalls in Norway. A must-visit is the viewing platform behind Steinsdalsfossen, where you can follow the walkways alongside the majestic waterfall as you experience the force of the cascading waters and the water sprays. An added bonus is its location in the scenic Norwegian countryside, which is in the midst of beautiful landscape and farmlands.

Visit The Scenic City of Bergen

Bergen, Norway’s second largest city, is one of the most beautiful coastal cities in Norway. Surrounded by seven majestic mountains, Bergen offers one of the most captivating views of nature’s beauty. See the cluster of stacked wooden buildings that originated in the 12th century along the city’s waterfront located in the old Quarter of Bryggen and enjoy a mix of restaurants, bars, boutiques and museums.

Drive Through the Longest Road Tunnel in the World: The Laerdal tunnel

At 24.5 km long, the Laerdal tunnel is the world’s longest tunnel, connecting Oslo and Bergen. If you’re planning a sightseeing road trip around Norway, the Laerdal tunnel is a must see and takes around 20 minutes to drive through. Enjoy beautifully lit rest areas along the way and experience the illusion of daylight at specific points along the tunnel.

Enjoy Free Camping in the Wildernesses

Free camping is allowed just about anywhere in Norway. This is an amazing opportunity to experience raw nature at its best. Pitch a tent in one of the many camping sites across Norway and enjoy the incredible views of the scenic landscape. Experience wildlife viewing, magical morning views from your tent and count the stars before heading out for a mountain hike.

Visit Norway’s National Parks

No visit to Norway would be complete without visiting its spectacular national parks. The core of Norway’s natural beauty lies in its 46 National Parks. With over 20,000 kilometers of hiking trails and amazing cross-country skiing tracks, there’s a lot to see including wildlife and unique landscapes like the glaciers as you enjoy your road trip around the county. You can peruse TripAdvisor articles and find a list of the top National Parks in Norway.

This is just a small list of incredible Norway experiences and sights that you can add to your next road trip bucket list. There are also many others places you can visit. Use every second of your road trip to extend your it and take it as far as the Arctic Circle, the Lofoten Islands and the best Northern Lights sightseeing locations.


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