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South Carolina Lowcountry Photos: Hydrangeas, Harleys and Rockers

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Rocker on the Marsh on Pawleys Island
Pawleys Island rocker overlooking the marsh at low tide

As my husband so charmingly puts it, “You can’t swing a dead cat on Pawleys Island without hitting a rocking chair.” Whenever I see a perfect spot like this, I want to plant the family flag (not that we have one), and move in. Maybe the owners of the home associated with this dock won’t notice if we take over for a hour or two.


I spent the first few years  we lived in South Carolina seriously coveting everyone’s hydrangeas that bloomed each May. It finally occurred to me that I could get my own.

Red Harley

I only wanted one of these for around five minutes. Myrtle Beach has hosted a major Harley Davidson Rally each May for many years. This year most of the action moved a little further north – touchy local issue and long story. Can’t say I missed the patented roar of 250,000 Harleys cruising around town together, but I do like looking at all the shiny rides. This past week there were still a few around.

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5 thoughts on “South Carolina Lowcountry Photos: Hydrangeas, Harleys and Rockers”

  1. nice DOF on the hydrangea shot. I just spent the last 2 days at the lake (in Ontario, Canada) taking nature pics…no hydrangeas out here yet.

  2. Corina, I know that they bloom much later even just a little north of here. This is the first year the color of mine has been that intense. It has something to do with the pH. Lucked into it completely!

    Eileen, thank you so much! I’m sure you have plenty worthy to send. I look forward to it!

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