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A Little Bit of Krazy, a Lot of Krab

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** Note, 6/1/11: Sadly, the Krazy Krab has closed

Tomato, roasted red pepper, onion, mushroom and bacon yumminess

Unless someone tells you exactly where to stop, the unbeaten path will whir right on by. This is probably true along almost any US four lane highway in a pocket of space between more major towns and cities.

Krazy Strawberries

In this instance the highway is US 17 and the pocket is the stretch between Myrtle Beach and Georgetown, South Carolina. This formerly unbeaten path has actually become fairly beaten. Strip malls, albeit fancy ones, have sprung up south of Myrtle Beach almost clear through to Pawleys Island.

View from US 17

So even though the building is small and pink and looks like something from a child’s fairytale, you still might miss the Krazy Krab. You may think the Krazy Krab sign doesn’t quite go with the whimsical sweet storefront. Or does it?

Pawleys Island is a lovely beach resort community which at some point acquired the label of being “arrogantly shabby.” Five years ago when I first discovered the Krazy Krab, with it’s crazy sign with the “K”s and pink playhouse, it was owned by Jeanne Elrich, the glamorous and kind French mother-in-law of a co-worker, who was known throughout the land for her she-crab soup and bread pudding.

I thought it fit the local paradox: Jeanne and her quirky pink storefront set on a stretch of highway that was becoming packed with  high falutin’ strip mall stores selling Rolexes, Herend porcelain and Lily Pulitzer was definitive Pawleys.

That was a few years back. No less interesting now, but like everything else the Krazy Krab has changed. Since 2009 the establishment has been owned by South Carolina native, Ginny Callum, a former produce seller.  “French specialties” is still painted on the window, but now fresh produce is stationed around the premises in a seemingly haphazard but artful manner, adding something new back into the mix.

Ginny willingly calls upon Jeanne for special orders for longtime customers, but in the day-to-day operation of the small establishment, she has made it her own. There may no longer be  she-crab soup, but there are quiches and heavenly crabcakes. “I use Jeanne’s crabcake recipe and add my own special ingredient,” she says.

The menu changes with the season and includes a wide variety of quiches, and items such as tomato pie and zucchini torte. Ginny likes changing things up and seems to thrive on special orders, as well as suggestions for what to include on the menu. Most of her business is from word-of-mouth.  “We have people who come all the way from Myrtle Beach to pick things up,” she says.

Yeah, that would be me.

Krazy Krab

12161 Ocean Hwy.

Pawleys Island, SC




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10 thoughts on “A Little Bit of Krazy, a Lot of Krab”

  1. It’s so true, most people tend to miss the “off the beaten track” spots, and it’s such a shame as they’re usually the best places to stop by! The Krazy Krab looks like a great little deli – the photos are gorgeous, and the colours are so beautiful!!

  2. Paz, it does look pretty inviting 🙂

    Stephanie, I love these kind of places too… with the colors in the pics it was funny, particularly those tomatoes, usually I’m heavy on the saturation – with these I actually tried to “un” saturate them a smidge, but the tomatoes then looked bruised.. that is how they actually looked!

  3. Nancie, the quiche is amazing… I wish I had one now so I could get out of cooking dinner 🙂

    Ms. Gourmantic, you’ve nailed it!

    Wanderluster, YES! take me away in the time machine to the pink playhouse with all the quiches.

    Eileen, I’m so glad! I love that about this time of year.

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