Club La Costa Yacht Club: Set Sail For Corfu This Summer

club la costa yacht club

You may have already discovered CLC World thanks to its incredible collection of hotels and resorts in sun-blessed locations such as Spain’s Costa del Sol and Tenerife and Turkey’s sparkling Aegean Coast. What you may not realise however, is that the CLC World experience also extends to the water – including luxury Mediterranean cruising on … Read more

Corfu Part Three: A Trip to Mouse Island

Part Three of Krista’s travels to Corfu: It was a gloriously hot day in Greece as my friends and I decided to leave our pool side oasis and start exploring the beautiful island of Corfu. As we tossed around ideas, my brother mentioned a place called Mouse Island. As soon as he spoke those words, … Read more

A Little Peace at a Convent on Corfu

Part two of a three part series on Krista’s visit to the island of Corfu: The sun was glorious and hot as my six friends and I left our poolside oasis at the Hotel Pantokrator and headed out to explore the island of Corfu. While our 9-passenger van had served us well through the back … Read more

Blinded by the Beauty of Corfu

Part one of a three part series on visiting Corfu Arrival: The spring sun was setting brilliantly over the Ionian Sea as my six friends and I boarded our ferry in Igoumenitsa, Greece, and headed for the island of Corfu. We clambered up to the top deck, found spots on slatted wooden benches, and let … Read more

Zorba’s Beach In Greece

Suddenly, I could clearly envision the last scene of the movie version of the novel. Zorba, alone on the beach; dressed in pants and a shirt with sleeves rolled up, moving across the sand — full of emotion, life – what the Greeks call kefi.