6 Reasons Why You Need to Take a Spa Vacation in 2020

Known as places of healing throughout time, spas historically were tied to mystical healing waters. Kings, roman soldiers, royals and even paupers journeyed to bathe in warm mineral springs storied to alleviate pain or heal ailments. In more recent decades, taking a spa vacation was reserved mostly for the rich and famous among us, being … Read more

Top 3 Ways To Stay Healthy While Traveling

Whether you’re a once-in-a-while vacationer, globe-trotter, or anywhere in between-er, staying healthy while you travel is likely high on your priority list. With more and more people hitting the proverbial road than ever before, travel-related illnesses have spiked significantly over the last decade. By taking your health into your own hands, you’ll be armed to … Read more

5 Tips to Travel On A Budget

Traveling anywhere is expensive. You need plane tickets, a hotel, a car, food, things to do, and a few souvenirs. Some of these costs may seem minuscule, but they do add up. Finding an inexpensive and quality car rental is an easy way to start saving. Holiday Autos is a great place to start. Now … Read more

Packing Tips For A Solo Trip

So your flights are booked. The plan is all set and you’re going on your first solo adventure. The only problem is, you haven’t the faintest idea of what to pack or even what to pack it in. Don’t worry we’ve all been there and through trial and error we have learnt how to pack … Read more

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