Healthy Travel

In this section we bring you articles about how to stay healthy while traveling and also how to be in your best health in general so you can get out in the world and take on the world at your best.

Smart Tips to Stay Healthy Abroad

Smart Tips to Stay Healthy Abroad

International travel usually requires a lot of planning, and it's expensive. While you spend time booking your flight and room, learn how to avoid getting sick too. When you're exploring the sights and sounds of a new city, the last thing you want is to…
5 Tips to Travel On A Budget

5 Tips to Travel On A Budget

Traveling anywhere is expensive. You need plane tickets, a hotel, a car, food, things to do, and a few souvenirs. Some of these costs may seem minuscule, but they do add up. Finding an inexpensive and quality car rental is an easy way to start…
solo travel essentials

Packing Tips For A Solo Trip

So your flights are booked. The plan is all set and you’re going on your first solo adventure. The only problem is, you haven’t the faintest idea of what to pack or even what to pack it in. Don’t worry we’ve all been there and…

Travel Safety Tips for Women

If you just Googled ‘travel for women’, or something along those lines, then you’ve probably seen dozens of quality articles of safety tips and convincing pieces on ‘why traveling solo is great for women’. Buzzfeed has a list of 46 tips! But travel implies a…

Female Healers Near Ubud

Landing in Ubud by way of Singapore, I felt a wave of relief wash across my being. Like the cool ocean breath, I immediately felt alive and inspired by Bali. The living colors and vibrant nature of blissful island living tap danced across my soul.…