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Belle Views from Disney World

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Hot tailing it for the opening of Frontierland

This week’s Belle Views comes from some very special friends of The Travel Belles who recently went to Disney World in Orlando. The above shot, which I love for many reasons – the shiny blue of the walkway for one, not to mention the precious subjects – has me wondering about what it is I’ve always liked so much about photos of my own children taken from behind. Perhaps it’s because that is how I often have seen them over the years – running out ahead of me, sometimes away from me – both literally and figuratively. These kind of family photographs often seem to capture the memories of a certain era better than those images featuring  forced smiles and unnatural posing. Besides there’s an undeniable energy with all those little feet venturing out into the world.

My own daughter March 2010

Here’s one more photo submitted from the same Disney trip – just because. Who doesn’t remember what it was like to want to be tall enough to go on the big kid rides?

You Must Be 40 inches to experience the wild west and Thunder Mountain

Do you have some favorite family photographs from Disney World?


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6 thoughts on “Belle Views from Disney World”

  1. agree with you that photos from the back can capture the moment better than forced poses and smiles! The 40 inches photo is so cute.

  2. I agree also! My husband always looks at me like I have a hole in my head when I take photos of the kids from the back:)

    I love the picture of your daughter from behind. What a fashion plate:)

  3. I’m so glad I’m not the only one – I’ve seen a few “you have a hole in your head” kind of looks too, Debbie. I confess I’m unexpectedly emotional about my other daughter (not the one pictured) being a senior next year… I mostly see her from behind these days, grabbing the car keys and running out the door!

  4. I don’t have kids yet but I take a lot of photos of my husband from behind when we’re hiking. It’s really a scenery shot, but having a person makes it more interesting and I like that it’s an action shot, not posed.

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