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How to French Kiss Life

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When my friend, Margo, first told me about her new venture, The Travel Belles, and asked if I would be contribute something for her section, To Your Health, I told her, “You’re speaking my language, baby.”

Why? Well because I’m a life and weight loss coach, who happens to believe in the power of travel.

Travel intoxicates me.  Seriously, I believe I could wake up in a different part of the world every morning of my life and feel like I’ve been handed a million bucks.  In fact, the experience of travel is priceless. Once you’ve encountered a place and its people, your life is changed forever.  The culture, foods, language, art, and scenery go much deeper than the experience itself; it is forever a part of your soul.

Most specifically, I’m a devout Francophile. I study the French language as often as possible, going for it, even though my accent is horrible! My favorite French phrase is joie de vivre. In homage of sorts to this passion, my newest coaching model is:


How to French Kiss Life


Imagine this: It’s a beautiful summer morning; you wake up with energy and feeling fabulous. You look in your closet and find the cutest little sundress that screams “gorgeous.”  You step out into the world with confidence and style.  You smile at everyone you meet. You smell the roses (and tulips and honeysuckle). You eat delicious foods without guilt or remorse. You work and play with passion.

You are FRENCH kissing life baby!

“Yeah, that sounds like a dream,” I’ve heard some people remark.

But why?  Why can’t you live with that joie de vivre?

Many people focus on what they perceive as not being right in their lives: their job, marriage, weight or finances. Over the years, I’ve learned that if you habitually gaze what’s missing in your life, you can’t see what’s really there – a beautiful life ready to be French Kissed.

The coolest part? As you begin to live a life of pleasure, intention and sensuality, magical things begin to occur.

One of the most common things I see in my practice, are women who subscribe to what I call the “After I do BLANK, I will” syndrome. So accustomed to putting their lives on hold until after they lose the weight, after the children graduate, after finding the dream man, the better job, the winning lottery ticket, they miss out on the chance to embrace the beautiful thing that is their life right this minute.

Each day can be approached with a little bit of joie de vivre, regardless of whether you clean toilets for a living, are responsible for young children or elderly parents, or running a Fortune 500 company. Each moment deserves to be French Kissed, because every second is YOUR life. So, I leave you today with one suggestion for How to French Kiss your life NOW:

Pleasure and Play

“All work and no play,” is SO 1950’s.  Seriously, American puritanical culture has tried to convince us that anything short of an 80 hour work week means we’re lazy. People walk around feeling overworked, overstressed, and guilty about wanting to work less and play more.  Take one look at the amount of depression and disease in our society, and you will clearly see that this mindset is not working for most of us.  Something’s gotta give, and I think it’s the need for more pleasure and play in our lives.  Plus, if you want to make the argument for a hard working lifestyle, adding play actually increases productivity.  Just ask Tim Ferris. He’s perfected the play/work lifestyle.

So what kind of play brings you pleasure? Dancing around the kitchen while you cook a gourmet meal? Curling up on the couch with a good book or watching a movie? A vigorous game of tennis? My best advice to you, whatever it is, even if it’s just for a few minutes, to start today.

Here’s To Your Health! Now that you know how to French kiss life, get out there and do it!


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3 thoughts on “How to French Kiss Life”

  1. Australian work culture follows closely that of the US. Too much time and priority are given to work. It takes a trip to Europe to serve as a reminder at how much we could be enjoying life.

  2. Thank you for reminding me of what is important. Also, when I am caught in work mode I try to remind myself that playtime will be soon. It is sometimes difficult to escape the daily grind of work. My goal is to find play in my work and a vocation that I love to play at. Hope that makes sense.


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