Author: Leslie Coff

Lotusland Lovelies in Montecito, California

Just inside Montecito, California, adjacent to Santa Barbara is a closely held secret: Lotusland. Although it sounds like a scary Homer's Odyssey-type amusement park, it actually makes for a fantastic, botanical and artistic afternoon.

Paris in the Summertime

Note from Margo: Whenever I wish I was somewhere else, Paris is always near the top of the list of where exactly, "somewhere else" just might be. I've been known to get on the internet in the middle of the night and check airfares, frequent…

Wisconsin Small Town Spirit in Fried Mushrooms

Somewhere in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin, on Highway 16 just outside the center of town, close to the shores of Lac La Belle is a small piece of heaven:

Mapleway Bowl.

It may not seem much when you see it on the road: a faded forty-something year old sign and small one-story building. The front windows sport old neon advertising featuring old Wisconsin beer brands. The door is nondescript. You walk inside to darkness. Amber Tiffany-style fixtures above, old brown vinyl booths, chairs, a Formica bar.   You seem … disappointed.

Copenhagen and the Hop on Hop off Bus

When it comes to the Hop on Hop off bus, it's best to let your inner tourist shine   I had heard that the best way to get an introduction to a city is a Hop on, Hop off bus. For your typical Copenhagen tourist…

Copenhagen Shopping: The Strøget

The Strøget, Copenhagen's most famous shopping street We started with the department stores: Ilum and Magasin du Nord. The stores were modest in size, but were more “hip” than the stores of home, tempting with simple and vibrant clothes, all designed with a distinct and…

Copenhagen’s Tivoli Gardens

I would not have believed in the existence of Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen if I had not seen it with my own eyes: an amusement park in the middle of a European capital. was commissioned by King Christian VIII of Denmark in order to raise…
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