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Zorba’s Beach In Greece

Suddenly, I could clearly envision the last scene of the movie version of the novel. Zorba, alone on the beach; dressed in pants and a shirt with sleeves rolled up, moving across the sand — full of emotion, life – what the Greeks call kefi.

Raise Your Hand if You can Spell, Pronounce or Find Ljubljana


The capital city Ljubljana sits centrally in the former Yugoslav republic of Slovenia. Bordered by Italy to the west, Austria to the north and Hungary to the east, this stunning country is often bypassed by travelers heading south to the largest country on its border, Croatia, on the way to Split, Dubrovnic, and the Dalmatian coast.

The Street Food of Athens, Greece

… under the looming gaze of the Parthenon, lies the Monastiraki section of the city. Take a stroll through this bustling neighborhood where vendors sell fish, meat and vegetables alongside more touristy fare of T-shirts, worry beads and replicas of ancient vases, and you’ll come across one of my all-time favorite treats : roast chestnuts. You have to work a little at peeling back the crispy outer layer, but it’s worth it! Chestnut vendors sell roast corn as well — tastes great with a sprinkle of Greek sea salt on top.

Istanbul’s Bosphorus Bunny Fortune Teller

*The Bosporus is a strait representing part of the border between the continents of Europe and Asia. It connects the Black Sea with the Sea of Marmara and cuts through the middle of the Turkish city of Istanbul. Stumble down a cobblestone road, over the trolley tracks, a tantalizing peek of domes and minarets appears … Read more

Pastoral Beauty on the Mississippi River in Missouri

About an hour outside of St. Louis, MO, along a country road, you’ll reach a town on the Mississippi River that resonates with the soul of Mark Twain. Clarksville, Missouri, may not be a place where you’d expect gourmet meals and first class accommodations, but let me clear that up for you. With Nathalie Pettus, the proprietor of Overlook Farm, you will be in good hands.

Walking the Wall of Dubrovnik

A walk around Dubrovnik’s famous wall guarantees a bit of everything The heart of Dubrovnik, a jewel of a city situated on the Dalmatian Coast of Croatia, is Old Town. Neatly wrapped in a Medieval wall, this historic city is best viewed not by wandering the cobblestones at street level, but from above. If you … Read more

Aswan, Egypt: A River Runs Through It

After a night of fractured dreams in an aging sleeper car rolling across miles of desert sand, our train pulls into the station. Through the grime of the window, I can see date palms, their leaves fluttering in the near-still wind.  Aswan. This sleepy town at the southernmost point of Egypt sounds like the … Read more