Author: Brittany Caumette

Safari Session II: Safariing on a Budget

Missed the first Safari Session?  Click here to learn more about interesting (and cheap) safari destinations! Two days after visiting a little-known community wildlife sanctuary in Kenya, where we’d spotted two leopards performing a mind-blowing mating dance, I was bursting with excitement for our real safari, in…

Why You Should Never Trust a Zambian Road Map

Maps should not be trusted. At least not in Africa. For though they may show you that a road exists in theory, they cannot account for its actual state.

We learned this the hard way.

We had based an entire month of travel plans on the existence of a single road, through I'm good at waiting patiently, see?
“Have they sandbagged the river yet?,” we'd ask the rangers at the gate of the park each time we entered for safari. The answer was always no. Eventually we learned that the river generally gets sandbagged in June, and that this cross-Luangwa road was really only navigable a few short months of the year. It was only early May. We had time, but not that much time.

The only other option, it appeared, was to take a detour eastward, then north along the border of Malawi, up and over the mountains, and finally, west to meet the big highway just before the Tanzanian border.

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This detour: an extra 900km.

That was what the map told us. What it didn't – couldn't – divulge was that this was a bad, bad more

Safari Session I: Offbeat African Safari Destinations

The Serengeti. Kruger National Park. Ngorongoro Crater.  So infamous are these names that, when planning your dream safari, it’ssimply a given that you’ll visit one of them.  Right? But ask yourself this: Do you really want to share your leopard-sighting with twenty other safari vehicles…

My African Home on Wheels

Why would someone live in a house when they can live in a camper van? Perhaps you’re experiencing the same reaction as I did two years ago, when I was posed this question on a beach in Mozambique. The questioner was my future husband, and…