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Top Events in Berlin 2018 for Women in Business

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With Ivanka Trump, alongside Angela Merkel, making some much needed noise for women in business, by featuring at the W20 event this year in Berlin, we thought it would be a good idea to share some other useful business events in Berlin planned for 2018 that are specific to women.

According to the European Commission’s research, only 24 per cent of top business managers are women. Low as it may be, it is double that from 2010!

Now the world has something to learn from Germany, where the situation is better, although the changes are slow, like everywhere else. Well with the head of state being a woman, one might expect a better balance of corporate power.

If you are interested in evening the playing field for the new generation of women in business, Berlin might be the place to be in 2018.

Book one of the gorgeous serviced apartments in Berlin – preferably in the center of this superb part of the world – and join these grand happenings!

One of The Most Prominent International Business Summits For Women

The Global Female Leaders summit’s  only purpose is to help high achieving women from all over the world come together and meet each other in a mind stimulating environment. Most of those who attended the event in 2017 reported that it not only brought to light completely new ideas, but also gave room to thinking about existing businesses models in a new way.

In essence, I’d say it’s goal is to make you uncomfortable in your beliefs and thinking about work and other topics like finance, people management, organisational development, career progress and more.

During the summit you will most likely join a conversation with a few notorious business leaders, who shape today’s corporate world and if you are lucky (and proactive) you can score one of them as a mentor. If you come prepared, you might end up influencing their world view also, which is vital given that they are the ones who shape your future.

Whether you are comfortable in your career or would like a refreshing switch to a new sector (try out doing it alone, for instance) the summit will direct your attention to new markets and economic options. It will, no doubt, enable you to explore various strategies and push the boundaries of your business knowledge.

Official G20 – Women Only

Women20 (W20) is an official G20 is basically a massive international networking group, where no topic is too big!

Springing from the agenda of the G20, W20 (just look at the name!) is all about women’s empowerment – economic, financial, political, personal, and gender equality in general. The format of the event is so flexible that you won’t even have to attend all of the panel discussions in person, just try to make it to your top 5  and join the rest online.

The summit advocates so called boardroom quotas, trying to make it easier for women to join boards of major international corporations hoping that the effect would ripple down to lower executives and around all corporate teams without whittling down.

If you have your ideas to share with the major political and economic figures send them over via email and follow up during the live events – there is never a better time than now for making your world better!

Mingle with Likeminded Women Away from Conference Halls

Although the Berlin International Women’s Club has not yet announced its full 2018 event schedule, it is worth checking out their website for updates, as they specialise in bringing together professional women from very diverse business sectors in non-business atmosphere.

If you are going to Berlin for any other event, it is worth emailing the Club as they always have a list of activities from yoga to foreign language practicing to walking in parks, which might complement and enrich your business trip through making real personal connections.

Where to Stay

Thankfully there is a good alternative to hotels that is thriving in Berlin at the moment. If you value your space and time, try renting a whole apartment. Apart from being beautifully furnished and designed to the levels of modern perfection, your apartment will give you total control over your time in this magical city.

Public transport, taxis and grocery shopping are very cheap in the German capital, so you will never need to rely on any hotel services which usually come at an extra cost.

So if you do end up making new girlfriends at these mega business summits, you can host a dinner like a local at one of these serviced apartments!


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