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Planning a Birthday Trip for Across the Cafe Table

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Planning a Future Dream Trip to Buenos Aires Using Pinterest


This month over on the main site we’re discussing dream birthday trips in honor of our monthly cafe chat, Across the Cafe Table, turning one!

For my “dream big” fantasy birthday trip I choose Buenos Aires. I’ve been wanting to go there with my husband, Dave, for years. There. Now that I’ve picked a destination, what’s next?

To design that fantasy trip to celebrate a momentous occasion such as a special birthday or anniversary needs wise planning. I’m thinking a trip may not be possible this year, but maybe within the next couple of years. The good news is the further in advance that I start planning, the more likely we are to have a special vacation experience and spend your money more wisely. I always bookmark things together, using apps such as Evernote. Without a doubt my new favorite tool for planning a trip using the internet and bookmarking is Pinterest. It’s visual and incredibly easy to click through the photographs to collected articles and information.

Here’s the start of my Pinterest board for planning a trip to Buenos Aires. I’ll be adding things, but you can click  through the photograph to see what I’ve added:

Planning a Trip to Buenos Aires on Pinterest (click on photo to go to board)

For me planning  for a special birthday trip that may be a few years away means a couple of things:

1. First up is investigating hotels. It’s my favorite way  to get a feel for different areas or neighborhoods of the destination.It also gives me an idea of how much things cost. If a currency converter is needed to get an idea of hotel room rates, I like to do this at this stage.  To really make a trip happen, I like being at least this realistic. I like finding a few lodging options in different areas and price ranges that appeal to me.

2. Next I try to discover a few of the absolute “must dos” for an area. Even if ultimately I decide that not all of them are for me, I think it’s important to know what they are! The internet has lots of information about things to do while visiting various locations, so a simple search of “what to do in Buenos Aires” will get me started.

3. I read blogs of people who either live or have spent time in the destination and bookmarking interesting articles and tidbits, about everything from food, neighborhoods, off the beaten path options, art and culture. This is one area where I think travel planning has changed for the better over the past several years with the advent of travel blogs – you don’t have to actually have a friend who has been to a place to find out the kind of information that only friends in the past could provide.

Happy Birthday Across the Cafe Table! What a wonderful way it has been getting to know some of you better through discussing such fun topics! Here’s to many more!

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