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Jet Setter Luxury Travel Kit Review

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Does the Jet Setter Deluxe Travel Train Case hit the “pretty and practical” mark?

If you are a regular visitor here, you may know that packing is one of our favorite topics. You may also know that we find packing to be one of the most challenging areas for the frequent Travel Belle. So when we first rested our jet lagged eyes on Mini Kittour’s Jettsetter luxury travel kit, we may have swooned a little.

Now after road testing this most feminine carryall on far flung adventures and more than a few last minute jaunts, we feel ready to give you the pretty and practical lowdown. Did it prove to be more than just another shiny, ooh and ahh worthy item?

Ohh, ahh, we couldn’t wait to open this.

Visually stunning and coming in two beautiful colors (even the names “chocolate” and “champagne” caught our attention), the Jet Setter is impressive at first look and in its detail. A high quality gold zipper and adorned with charms that can double as a keyring, the chocolate model unzips to reveal a royal purple lining. Instead of having a hinge mechanism, the Jet Setter opens forming a crease in the back. The absence of a hinge gives the bag a neater look and means the design quality is mostly dependent on the zipper. As would be expected for this item which is priced at $200, after a couple of month’s of heavy use, the zipper function remains solid and the outer vinyl material is made to “give” where a hinge would be. The case measures 6″ high by 9.5″ in length by 7″ wide.

Coming neatly sectioned and pre-organized with an array of items in a lift out tray, the case serves and will likely please both the most organized and disorganized of Belles. High quality, (read: spill proof) plastic, refillable bottles and jars, a two sided magnifying mirror, labeling stickers and pen, a make up brush set, small pill case and even quilted passport cover are included. These features make the carryall a fun item to open (ahem – we think it would make a great gift, as far as luxury travel accessories go.) Although we would probably not use all the extras on every trip, we note that with the exception of the passport cover, every single one of them at some point has made their way into the case.

The zipper around case comes with refillable bottles, make up brushes and even a matching passport cover.

Before the Jet Setter’s initiation during a visit to Belgium, I took the time to transfer my facial regimen, hair care products and body lotion into the refillable bottles, pouring in enough to last through several trips.  This has not only made packing a breeze on subsequent trips, but it is much less expensive than purchasing those travel size products that I’m always tempted to try.

Even with all these bottles and jars of creams and potions, the Mini Kittour website says that the bag leaves plenty of room to place “dainty essentials, like lip gloss, jewelry, or your favorite fragrance.” As lovely as that all sounds, thankfully, the packing reality turned out to be more practical than that. There was  space left to pack toothbrush and paste, a hairbrush, and a small zippered pouch (or even a plastic zip lock bag) of any miscellaneous toiletry items.

With space always being at a premium, and to keep things from jumping around, I topped off any remaining space with a few pairs of socks before zipping up my Jet Setter. The case sat neatly in my suitcase, which in this instance I checked. It worked equally as well in a duffel bag that I often use for shorter trips when traveling by car or plane.

Pretty: [rating=5]

The Jet Setter Deluxe Train Travel Case receives high marks for its luxury feel, attention to feminine detail and impressive look, coming in choice colors of “chocolate” or “champagne.”

Practical: [rating=4]

At $200, this travel kit definitely falls in the category of being a luxury travel accessory. But with quality construction and a zipper that after a couple months of heavy use, shows no signs of disappointing, those who can make the splurge will likely find the Jet Setter worth the investment. It also would make a great gift. Travel Belles who utilize the refillable bottles instead of purchasing high priced travel sized items of their favorite skin and haircare brands will easily be able to justify the cost after several trips. I especially like the fact that I had one bag that could handle all my toiletry items.

Mini Kittour provided us with the Jet Setter Deluxe Train Travel Case for purposes of review.

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  1. Abby

    That looks like it has an amazing shape and is the perfect size. I need to stop traveling to Central America so I can carry prettier things!! Lol.

  2. Krista

    This is really beautiful!! It would make me feel so spoiled. 🙂 I love that it’s not only pretty but rugged. I have a travel kit but it is collapsible and sometimes things get smooshed. I like that this one is so sturdy. I would feel much safer carrying breakable things. Thanks for telling us about it!! Beeeyootiful. 🙂

  3. Andi of My Beautiful Adventures

    OMG I loooooooove it! I’ve seen this in magazines and have been coveting it!

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