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The Swimwear You Need In Your Travel Bag

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You’ve picked your destination, bought your ticket, and ticked off all the items on your list – everything except your swimwear.

The swimwear you need in your travel bag should be comfortable, fun and limited to just a couple of pieces.

Unfortunately, you either have too many or too few choices in your wardrobe, and none of them seem all that appealing for an exciting beach holiday.

If you’re considering purchasing a couple of new pieces, swimwear brands such as Tan Through offer wonderful selections for you to from.

The Best Swimwear For Your Travel Bag

1. Underwired swimwear

It’s not always easy for big-busted women to find a bikini top that fits perfectly.

It’s the unfortunate truth that many bikinis and one-piece swimsuits only come in three sizes: small, medium and large.

However, recent years have brought about the wonderful creation of underwired and bra-sized swimwear.

Women don’t have to worry about spillage any longer, or bikini tops that are too tight. You can now find a bikini top and one-piece swimsuit in your bra size – they even offer plus sizes too.

This is a travel bag must for those who can never seem to find a bikini top that fits their bust.

2. Reversable Swimwear

When packing your suitcase for a trip you must, unfortunately, weigh which items are necessary and which are not.

You know that you can’t pack five different swimsuits, but the thought of wearing the same two bikinis for your entire trip is not appealing.

The easy solution is to invest in reversable swimsuits.

By purchasing just two reversable bikinis, you can mix and match the bikini tops and bottoms and create ten or more stunning swimsuits for your travels.

Was there ever a more wonderful creation?

3. Updated high-necked top

This is probably my favourite swim-top to date and the updated version is simply gorgeous.

They’ve added in some mesh, some crochet panels and even the occasional embroidery, and it is stunning.

The high-necked top is great for those busty ladies who don’t want to show their cleavage, and it can be paired with any bottom of your choosing.

This top provides amazing support and is perfect for surfing and scuba diving.

It’s also more likely to come in bra sizes and is thus suitable for all body types.

4. Ruffles

Ruffles provide the ultimate feminine touch to what would otherwise be a plain one-piece suit.

They are fun, eye-catching and are perfect those women who prefer full-coverage swimsuits.

Ruffles are also wonderful for curvy and plus-sized women who don’t feel comfortable wearing a two-piece.

As a plus-sized woman myself, I can vouch that ruffles are wonderful for hiding those extra curves, and making you feel utterly feminine.

5. Tankini

Tankinis are great for those more active beach activities such as surfing, volleyball and scuba diving.

While closely resembling the one-piece, the tankini is playful, fun and you won’t have to get completely naked just to use the bathroom.

Yes, as women I imagine we’ve all had that awkward moment in the beach restroom at least once, which is why the one-piece is usually a less popular swimsuit choice.

However, the tankini provides the coverage of a one-piece, without the disadvantages.

The best thing about this is that like the bikini, you can mix and match (or even reverse) your tops and bottoms, which is great for when you’re short on packing space.

Extra Tips

Choosing a combination of the above swimsuits is the best choice for your beach vacation, and the reversable swimsuits are especially fun.

It would also be a good idea to purchase swimsuit that can easily and stylishly be born with a skirt or loose pants for a great beach-party outfit.

Wear a cute kimono or something similar as a cover up until you’re ready to reveal your stunning swimsuit, and accessorize with a matching sunhat and sunglasses.

Most importantly, don’t forget the sunscreen to prevent burning. It would be terrible to spend your vacation suffering from sunburn.


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