Visit Harrods Food Hall in London

Harrods Food Hall in London is gourmet heaven. “Oh, I just love the color!” The super chic petite Asian lady, her feet barely reaching the rungs of her stool, unceremoniously grabbed my hand to take a closer look at my signature black nail polish. A…

3 Favorite Restaurants in London

...The food & pub fare in London is just about the best in the world and I’m excited to be going back this spring for our annual visit and I have compiled a list of my top three favorite London restaurants and pubs just for you! Enjoy!

Uncovering London’s Underground Restaurants

Imagine going to dinner at a stranger’s house, eating an excellent meal with a group of other unknowns and paying at the end of the evening. Sounds odd, doesn’t it? But this is exactly the premise on which London’s supper club phenomenon is based.

Visiting Oxford with a Local

Visiting Oxford with a local When you think of visiting Oxford, UK, what's the first image that springs to mind? The university, no doubt. Although the exact date of its foundation remains shrouded in mystery, Oxford is thought to be the world's oldest university, with…