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PrAna Clothes for Travel #packprAna

Meeting the challenge of finding comfortable and chic travel clothes with sustainable fair trade clothing company, PrAna Being familiar with eco clothing company, PrAna, I knew that their website featured an assortment of incredibly fit-looking people. An otherworldly lot of individuals is to be found here – hanging 10…

Shop for Your Inner Swimsuit Model

Travel Belle tips for buying a bathing suit for your summer vacation No. I refused to title this article something inane like "Find a Bathing Suit for your Body Type," with the usual rundown of apples, pears and celery sticks. Okay, so I made up…

Stocking Stuffers for the World Traveler

My family celebrates both Hanukkah and Christmas so over the years my husband and I have decided to forgo any major presents on Christmas morning and instead exchange stockings. Not your ordinary candy bar and lottery ticket stockings (however both of those items are usually…

The Best Rain Boots for Belles

Folding Wellington Boots are chic and easy to travel with and, most importantly, will guarantee you warm, dry feet if a little rain does try to dampen your holiday spirits.

How to (un)dress like an Italian at the Beach

Whether you like baring it all or prefer covering up a little, there's some fashion inspiration for all manner of belle beach-goers for how to dress Italian style at the beach. Forget topless, that’s so five minutes ago. We Europeans are always associated with the Saint…

How to Dress Like an Italian

. White sneakers and khaki pants? American. Flip flops and shorts in the middle of winter? German. Default raincoat and pink lipstick? British. Vintage sundress, leggings and mary janes? French. Skinny jeans, high-heeled boots, designer tote and crisp white T-shirt? Italian. You may also like: Travel…