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PrAna Clothes for Travel #packprAna


Meeting the challenge of finding comfortable and chic travel clothes with sustainable fair trade clothing company, PrAna Being familiar with eco clothing company, PrAna, I knew that their website featured an assortment of incredibly fit-looking people. An otherworldly lot of individuals is to be found here – hanging 10 in Hawaii, dangling from cliffs, and bending themselves into to … Read more

How to Dress Like an Italian

White sneakers and khaki pants? American. Flip flops and shorts in the middle of winter? German. Default raincoat and pink lipstick? British. Vintage sundress, leggings, and mary janes? French. Skinny jeans, high-heeled boots, a designer tote, and a crisp white T-shirt? Italian. You may also like: Travel Fashion Trends In Italy Walking down the streets of … Read more