How to French Kiss Life

When my friend, Margo, first told me about her new venture, The Travel Belles, and asked if I would be contribute something for her section, To Your Health, I told her, “You’re speaking my language, baby.” Why? Well because I’m a life and weight loss coach, who happens to believe in the power of travel. … Read more

Ways to Learn a Language before you Fly

learning local language

Excitement is building. After thumbing your way through armfuls of travel magazines and tour brochures, and scouring the web, you’ve chosen your next destination. Now is when the trip really begins. Preparation is an unavoidable part of travelling and sometimes requires skillful planning. So, there’s always a never-ending list of things to do – booking … Read more

How to Dress Like an Italian

White sneakers and khaki pants? American. Flip flops and shorts in the middle of winter? German. Default raincoat and pink lipstick? British. Vintage sundress, leggings, and mary janes? French. Skinny jeans, high-heeled boots, a designer tote, and a crisp white T-shirt? Italian. You may also like: Travel Fashion Trends In Italy Walking down the streets of … Read more

How to Make Tamales

In California we are fortunate to have an abundance of ethnic restaurants, especially Mexican ones. When you have friends from Mexico who cook, or when their moms cook for you, it’s even better. Around Christmas, I’ve been known to hang around these friends’ houses just a bit more because I know it’s the season for tamales. During the holidays in a Mexican household, you’ll see bags filled with cornhusk-wrapped packages being passed around like presents

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