Splashing into Thai New Year in Thailand

Celebrating Thailand's New Year Every April, the whole country of Thailand takes up arms, rallies, and wages a war that has nothing to do with politics or social unrest. Foreigners and locals fight side by side, and everyone no matter what age is a target…

3 Must-See Temples of Bangkok

Thailand is a country that keeps travelers coming back for more. From its gorgeous beaches, and amazing islands, to its charming cities, and stunning temples, most visitors find their stay too short and leave with a wanderlust for more of Thailand. I know I certainly…
Cooking Around the World: Aromatic Singapore Curry Laksa

Cooking Around the World: Aromatic Singapore Curry Laksa

If you like to travel around Asia then you will probably be familiar with some of best dishes on offer. A dish that has proved popular across the board, and particularly in Singapore is mouthwatering Laksa. Laksa is a tantalising spicy noodle dish that is…

The 'Three Hots' of Chongqing, China

We touch down on the runway at Chongqing’s airport and I glimpse at a heavy haze that weighs the city down. We disembark, gather our luggage from a sluggish carousel and greet our transfer host, Leila. She announces herself with an effervescent smile and a…

Discovering Indonesian Food in Bali

Indonesia’s 3,000-mile string of islands arcs across the globe like a sword slung from the earth’s equator. Near the bottom of the curve, at the confluence of the Indian Ocean and the South China Sea, sits Bali. A Hindu island in a Muslim archipelago, Bali…

Getting Around Hong Kong

Tips for getting around Hong Kong with the "Octopus Card" In the 1960 movie “The World of Suzie Wong,” William Holden approaches Hong Kong on a scenic Star Ferry ride across sampan-littered Victoria Harbor.Fifty years later my husband and I were sealed inside a gleaming, nearly-deserted…

Fried Bananas and Rickshaws: Traveling Solo to Melaka, Malaysia

Later that day, I finally decided to indulge in the quintessential Melaka experience and took my own trishaw ride. Choosing the most garish vehicle I could find, I set off on an hour’s tour of the town with a friendly guide. Stereo booming with Shaggy’s Greatest Hits, I swallowed my embarrassment and sat back in my gaudy carriage.

Stepping Away from the Skyscrapers in Singapore

As Southeast Asia’s most Westernised nation, with a Chinese, Malay, Indian and expat population, ‘bland’ is perhaps the last word you would associate with Singapore, yet it cropped up several times in my trip planning research. Surely there were places to visit in Singapore, an an international island with an historically diverse culture and community, that had some excitement to offer?