The ‘Three Hots’ of Chongqing, China

We touch down on the runway at Chongqing’s airport and I glimpse at a heavy haze that weighs the city down. We disembark, gather our luggage from a sluggish carousel and greet our transfer host, Leila. She announces herself with an effervescent smile and a flirtatious spunk we haven’t encountered since landing in China over … Read more

15 Things To Do in the Visayas Philippines


In the center of the 7,107 Islands in the Philippine Archipelago, is a cluster of beautiful Islands called the Visayas – Cebu, Bohol, Negros, Romblon, Panay, Leyte, Guimaras and Samar. Their pristine white sand beaches, lush palm jungles, natural wonders and historical landmarks have become popular tourist destinations for foreigners and locals alike. While there … Read more

Stepping Away from the Skyscrapers in Singapore

As Southeast Asia’s most Westernised nation, with a Chinese, Malay, Indian and expat population, ‘bland’ is perhaps the last word you would associate with Singapore, yet it cropped up several times in my trip planning research. Surely there were places to visit in Singapore, an an international island with an historically diverse culture and community, that had some excitement to offer?

Best Destinations To Visit In the Philippines


When heading anywhere in the majestic Southeast of Asia, you should be prepared for incredible views and delicious food. Culture is rich and varied there. Your senses become hyperaware there too. And heading to the Philippines, located in the Western Pacific, conforms to all of the above. 7,000 islands make up the Philippines, each one … Read more

Fun Things To Do In Tokyo At Night

Tokyo is a city full of lights when it gets dark, and its wealth of billboards, shops and hotels come to life. There is a comparison to be drawn with New York City certainly, but what Tokyo offers is very different. From a relaxing stroll to a helicopter ride, there are many fun things to … Read more

Nine Must-See Stops In Cebu, Philippines

Looking for a new beach destination that is packed with lots of adventure, beautiful beaches, and memorable experiences? The Philippines is the perfect stop in Southeast Asia for all of these things and more. Cebu is the second largest island in the Philippines and is a hub for adventure, exploration, and a history. If you … Read more