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Wearing Henna Art in Morocco

henna morocco baby shower

The body becomes the canvas for rich, henna art in Morocco “Khadijah wants to henna your hands,“ Aziz translated for me. It was a caught in the headlights moment, as getting my hands hennaed was only slightly above being held captive in Western Sahara for my last few days in Morocco. Once glance at Khadijah, … Read more

Top 5 Horseback Riding Safaris in Africa

Riding safaris in Africa are becoming more and more popular as they offer an unrivaled chance to get out into remote parts of the wilderness, in a peaceful and tranquil way. You really do feel like the first great explorers must have felt, and get to be around and amongst wildlife in a natural and … Read more

Safari Session II: Safariing on a Budget

Missed the first Safari Session?  Click here to learn more about interesting (and cheap) safari destinations! Two days after visiting a little-known community wildlife sanctuary in Kenya, where we’d spotted two leopards performing a mind-blowing mating dance, I was bursting with excitement for our real safari, in a real Kenyan National Park.  If $10 got me leopards, … Read more

Best Honeymoon Destinations In Africa


For a newly-wed pair who don’t fancy the conventional honeymoon, the beautiful vistas and majestic wildlife belonging to Africa may be just the right way to celebrate your marriage. From safaris to infinity pools and sports, Africa as a honeymoon destination has a lot to offer. South Africa South Africa is renowned for its wildlife, … Read more