Travel products and shopping

From street markets and thrift shops to les grands magasins.What we like to buy before, during and after our trips to travel well, stylishly and practically, and where we like to buy it.

How to Pack Like a Travel Belle Pro

Another Travel Belle's tips on how to pack a suitcase (because, hey, we're all different, and the challenge of packing is never-ending) Even if you are a person who “needs” two huge suitcases and a portable jewelry box to go away for the weekend, there…

Summer Travel Fashion Trends in Italy

A Belle Spy's report from the Bel Paese What are the current summer travel fashion trends in Italy? And what is it about how Italian women dress that makes us want to emulate them anyway? Or simply, "What should I wear in Italy?" Besides seeing…

Summer Make-up Tips and Kits for the Travel Belle

Summer make-up tips and kits for travel: perfect for pool, beach, and beyond your next vacation   Stretched as far as possible over the sink of your hotel bathroom as you apply mascara, are you wondering to yourself, What’s the point? I’m on vacation! You’re…

Keeping Loggerhead Sea Turtles Safe

To safely observe the nesting Loggerhead sea turtle, the Turtle Safe Flashlight is a must have item to add to your shopping list before visiting the beach this summer. As a resident of Myrtle Beach along coastal South Carolina, my family and I have learned…

Myrtle Beach for Shoppers

What if you don't want to spend every day of their beach week actually on the beach? Yes, there are lots of golf courses both miniature and major, amusement parks, and tourist centers with plenty of places to get henna tatoos and ice cream. Good, clean family fun is the name of the game in these parts, and there is nothing the matter with that. But, how about if you don't want to do just that? Where are the best places to go shopping in Myrtle Beach? Where are the best places to go to get some retail action that doesn't involve going anywhere near one of those beachwear shops located on every corner?

8 Items That Make Airplane Travel More Pleasant

As travel belles, we like to arrive at our destination looking great. But nowadays, flying can be quite a hassle with all the increased security measures, long layovers and crowded airports. Whenever possible, I opt to take the train or bus. However, I have now discovered a series of items that make airplane travel more pleasant

Pack Gadgets (and more) in the Cargo ™ Travel Organizer

A few weeks later I had the perfect opportunity to put the $25 organizer to use when I left my home in Boston for a one-year stint in Madrid, Spain. Since then, I haven’t gotten on a plane or train without first filling up the small, pouch-like organizer with a fully charged iPod, cell phone and other essentials.

An Ode to My Wonder Backpack

Travel gear comes and goes. But the memories associated with it remain. If there’s one piece of gear that to me holds my dearest memories it is my 15L Dakine Wonder backpack.