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Daytrip from Seattle to Vashon Island

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How is it possible to resist celebrating the summer solstice on an island that the New York Times described as “Mayberry Meets Burning Man”? A place where sheep dog trials compete with opera productions, and art galleries thrive alongside the annual Strawberry Festival parade with the grocery cart drill team and the samba ladies?

Visiting Napa Wineries While Staying in Provence

When visiting Napa Wineries, Yountville’s Maison Fleurie offers Provencal touches. When I was looking for a place to stay near the Napa wineries around Yountville, located in the central Napa Valley, I didn’t think I’d be able to find something within our budget. I assumed the small town’s accommodation options consisted solely of high end resorts such as … Read more

Charleston Joggling Board History

history of joggling board charleston

Instagram of the week: Charleston Joggling Board History When wandering around Charleston’s #beautiful residential #neighborhoods, it won’t take long to spot a #jogglingboard. A “what?” you ask?  Usually constructed from longleaf pine, a joggling board is made of two wooden stands with a long  plank of wood in between.  The long board is traditionally 16’ – 22’ long … Read more

Large Purses, TBEX and Tomatoes?

The shallowness of the scene does not go unnoticed (by myself, anyway): Shallow Woman #1, having just checked her obscenely large suitcase, now sits in a small plane seat, left now only with an obscenely large purse, on her way home from New York City, a little more anxiously than she would like. She has … Read more