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French Goat Cheese from the Loire Valley

Those delicate little rounds of loveliness with their subtle yet somewhat nutty flavor, seem to be available at every turn in France. Spread on a baguette, or served warm in a salad, then consumed with a glass of Sancerre wine (yes, I'm a Sancerrean wine snob today, in yet another futile effort to hold onto any vestiges of Frenchiness that remain after returning home two weeks ago) is a quintessential French experience.
Belles on Location

Pastoral Beauty on the Mississippi River in Missouri

About an hour outside of St. Louis, MO, along a country road, you'll reach a town on the Mississippi River that resonates with the soul of Mark Twain. Clarksville, Missouri, may not be a place where you'd expect gourmet meals and first class accommodations, but let me clear that up for you. With Nathalie Pettus, the proprietor of Overlook Farm, you will be in good hands.