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Travel Product Review: Odyssa Designer Travel Bags

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Fall head over high heels for Odyssa designer travel bags

When it comes to this whole “packing light” movement, I’ll be the first to admit I’m a bit hopeless. I like taking a few of my pretty things with me when I travel, even if that does mean taking 5 pairs of shoes and a pair of boots for one weekend. “Few” really is such a vague word.

As some of you already know my problem runs much deeper: When it comes to how to  pack for a trip, any trip, long or short, and remain somewhat organized about it, I am totally challenged. For a travel “professional” this admission always feels a little scandalous.

But the flip side of this proclivity of mine for hauling my stuff all over kingdom come has led me to many interesting places and people. Most recently, Ahn, the creator of the Odyssa designer travel bag. She was kind enough to send me one of her whimsical hand-embroidered products to try for myself. As soon as I pulled it from the gift-worthy packaging and could see the stunning handiwork and feel the touch of high-quality cotton for myself, I couldn’t wait to get packing!

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This is the lingerie bag I received. It is so nice to have something both pretty and practical for keeping things organized while traveling.

So I did. I traveled with my Odyssa bag to Austin, Texas for SXSW last month, and on a college road trip with my daughter to check out colleges over spring break.  The bag is attractive, functional and environmentally friendly- definitely a big step up from plastic zip lock bags. And yes, my daughter wanted one for herself.

I like what Ahn has to say about her inspiration to start Odyssa Bags on her website:

To Anh’s dismay after scouring the local mall and spending hours on the Internet she couldn’t find travel packing bags and luggage solutions that fit her needs. She wanted to upgrade from the typical multi-purpose plastic bag to something a little more eco-friendly and with a little more feminine charm. Anh continued to search to no avail, and eventually settled on a generic mesh laundry bag, and yes- plastic bags *gasp*.

(sure sounds like a Travel Belle to me;)

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*Sigh* to have a suitcase as organized as this. Maybe with more Odyssa bags and by leaving half of what I plan to take at home like the pro packers are always advising.

In addition to lingerie bags, the Odyssa travel bag line includes shoe bags, laundry bags, and Ayn’s signature “Odyssa” bags which are approximately the same size as the laundry bags. In other words, all kinds of nice options for protecting and separating your best travel wear from potential suitcase chaos.  Ahn also offers customizing and private label services.

My favorite thing about the Odyssa bags is the combination of old-world embroidery and quality, with a funky, yet elegant style. Will my Odyssa bag help me pack light? Probably not. Next time I pack for a trip will it help me stay organized? Only time will tell, Travel Belles, but with my new pretty and practical designer travel accessory,  I have hope.

*This product was provided to the writer by Odyssa for review.  This in no way affects the editorial content of this piece.

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6 thoughts on “Travel Product Review: Odyssa Designer Travel Bags”

  1. That lingerie bag is DARLING!! 🙂 I’m so much better at packing than I used to be. Now I ONLY pack my favorite things and leave the rest at home. I never wear them anyways!! 🙂

  2. The funny thing is, Krista, I usually end up wearing everything I pack! I think I need some kind of multi-tiered program… but in all seriousness, I’m coming to terms with this and love that there are cute bags like these to help me along.

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