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Historian Chris Frame Takes a Trip Down Under on Queen Mary 2

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Le sigh. Be sure to see the video below that gives a wonderful insider’s look at what it would be like to cruise on the Queen Mary 2. Amazing! Thank you, Cunard, for sharing this post with us.

Chris Frame, the maritime historian, is dedicated to teaching the world about the history of cruise liners. He has written a number of books on the cruise industry, including his bestseller Evolution of the Transatlantic Liner. After being stocked by Barnes & Noble, the book quickly became every captain’s favourite read, and received rave reviews.

Evolution of the Transatlantic Liner focuses on the development of cruise liners since the 19th century, exploring how political climates have influenced the design of ships.

Frame was recently invited onboard the Queen Mary 2 to give a lecture about the ship’s history. Taller than the Empire State Building, the long-reigning Queen Mary 2 is Cunard’s flagship cruise liner, loved by families and the older generation.

Frame’s description of the Queen Mary 2 paints a beautiful picture of what a luxury cruise in the warm Australian sun is like.

The cruise liner is still in good condition – even after 10 years of service! Chris Frame writes, “Queen Mary 2 was looking magnificent; everything remains big, bright and sparkles, as if she’s fresh out of Les Chantiers de l’Atlantique where she was built.”

Frame compliments the ship’s eateries, including Todd English’s restaurant and the Queens Room. He praises celebrity chef Todd English for his restaurant’s delicious food and presentation. Todd English specialises in rustic Mediterranean food, and soared to fame after his restaurant chain Olives was honoured with the ‘Best Food and Top Table’ award by Gourmet magazine.

The Queens Room is just one of the Queen Mary 2’s 10 cafes and bistros, offering an exceptional fine dining experience. When Frame visited, they were celebrating Valentine’s Day by offering large love themed cakes while a harpist was playing.

White-gloved waiters served the tables, giving passengers an opportunity to sample the high life at an affordable price.

Chris Frame is one of the many historians and celebrities to grace Cunard’s prestigious ships. Other speakers include Margaret Atwood, the Canadian poet, who spoke to a full lecture hall in August 2013, promoting her most recent book ‘MaddAddam’. Bill Bryson, the famous wanderer, also joined passengers on the Queen Mary 2 in October 2013, where he was interviewed about his travels.

The Queen Mary 2’s visit to Australia has showcased on Channel 9 Adelaide, featuring Chris Frame. You can see Frame’s interview and the interiors of the cruise liner below. Reporter Catherine Kennedy showcases the Queen Mary 2’s Grand Lobby, celebrating its glory. The lobby oozes luxury with its plush furniture, grand staircase and sa tunning bronze statue of the ship.

So what’s next for Chris Frame? The young cruise industry expert will continue to give talks all over the world, sharing his knowledge and insight. If you want to follow more of Frame’s writings, he’s a regular contributor for Australian Cruise Passenger Magazine.

Today’s post was made possible by Cunard. Photos courtesy of Cunard.



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