Exploring Toronto on a Budget

Toronto can be an expensive place for the budget traveler, but there are many hidden ways to get the most out of your dollar. Free Activities The world-class Art Gallery of Ontario offers free admission on Wednesdays from 6:00-8:30 PM. To get into this museum at any other time is $25. The Bata Shoe Museum … Read more

Girls’ Weekend Guide to Cleveland, OH

Girls’ Weekend Guide to Cleveland

If you are getting ready to celebrate a girls’ weekend in Cleveland, you’ve probably seen that there are so many great options for things to do.  Maybe you are celebrating a bachelorette party or just the fact that all of your friends are free at the same time for once!  Either way, there are so … Read more

Why Morocco Should Be Your Next Winter Destination

If you’re planning a winter vacation but don’t want to pay the premium for hot ski spots, Christmas markets, or mountain-top chalets, head to North Africa. Morocco is a beautiful and uniquely eye-catching country that has a fascinating mix of African, Arab, and European cultures. From gorgeous mosques to delicious tajine, it’s a memorable and … Read more

24 Hours in Marrakech Medina | Morocco Travel Tips

When it comes to historical town centers, few have the storytelling potential of Marrakech’s old city. Once you pass through the walls of the Medina, it’s almost like being transported back in time. From the Mosque of Ibn Yusuf to Bahia Palace, the circular layout of this major citadel encloses centuries of Saharan and Arab-influenced … Read more

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