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Awesome Things To Do In Montreal

Montreal is Canada's second busiest city with a population of 1.74 million. Located in the Quebec province, its history as a city goes way back, as is reflected in its gothic architecture. Yet Montreal has a modern charm too. Skyscrapers line the city, giving it…

Great Things To Do In Ecuador

Having been to some more predictable vacation spots such as Punta Cana and the U.S. Virgin Islands in the past decade, I derive some pleasure from revealing my next destination to friends and their response being nothing less than surprise and confusion. There? Why There?…
5 Tips to Travel On A Budget

5 Countries To Visit On A Budget

The thought of travelling to a foreign destination to explore and discover new places is an exciting notion for most people and luckily with the advent of the internet, it has also become much more accessible and affordable. With so much information on exotic destinations…