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Best Things To Do In Malta And Gozo

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One of the smallest countries in the world, Malta is but a tiny speck at the centre of the Mediterranean Sea.

Size aside though, the country boasts a superb charm that infects all of its visitors who are lucky enough to visit.

With its gorgeous seafood cuisine and year-round warm climate, Malta is fast becoming one of the hottest destinations in Europe for independent and organised holidays.

So to help you get the most out of your trip, we thought we’d put together our list of the best things to do in Malta and Gozo.

1. Explore beautiful Valetta


Valetta is the capital of Malta and one of the most beautiful cities in the Med. The ancient walled city is brimming with artisan shops, boutique cafes and authentic restaurants. Built by the Knights of St John in 1566, Valetta still holds old-world charm in it’s lovely sandstone architecture. Makes sure to take a waterfront boat tour – excellent for photos and brilliant for city history!

2. Take a quad bike tour on Gozo


For thrill seekers and adventurous types, a quad bike tour is an incredibly epic way to explore the tiny island of Gozo. Tours can be booked from 1 to 4 hours generally and you’ll be able to journey to parts of the island not accessible by car. If you’re not super confident on a quad bike then by all means sit on the back!

3. View the Azure Window on Gozo


The Azure Window is without doubts one of the most picturesque places in Malta. The rock arch sits atop a shimmering section of crystal blue waters that always makes for a great photo no matter the weather. You’ll need to do a bit of walking and hike there early get the best views and avoid the crowds! UPDATE: Unfortunatley, the Azure Window collapsed earlier this year, sad news for Malta, but all things eventually come to an end.

4. Mdina


Mdina was Malta’s first citadel capital and has been inhabited since as far back as the Bronze Age. It was also the Roman capital of Malta and is still inhabited to this day. Just walking the old streets feels like a museum visit and you’ll be absolutely entranced by the labyrinth of narrow alleys, breathtaking architecture and history of the place. Malta’s noble families still live here and you should definitely walk the streets at dusk to get the best atmosphere.

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5. Go Diving


Malta is famously epic for its dive sites! Over 50,000 people a year visit Malta purely to dive. With some of the clearest waters in the Med, you simply cannot visit Malta without a day out diving and exploring the world below the waves. If you’re keen for something a little different then try diving some of the shipwreck sites. For beginners there are plenty of approved courses on the island so you can get straight into the water.

6. St John’s Co-Cathedral


Located in the capital city of Valetta, St John’s Co-Cathedral is the Knights of Malta’s main church. The church boasts some incredible architecture as is definitely one of the most important Baroque buildings in Europe. Whilst the outside is bare and simple, the inside is a myriad of stunning gold, marble and paint. The audio tour is certainly worth doing and you’ll not want to miss the oratory room where Caravaggio’s largest and only signed painting adorns the wall.

7. Malta War Museum


Probably the best World War II museum in Malta as the museum boasts a full underground tour of the shelters below. Pass a gas curtain and journey below the streets to witness how the people lived during the War. Dimply lit tunnels carved out of the rock are home to examples of how people lived during this period. The guides are excellent, bringing the times to life and speaking perfect English. Be warned though, it can get cold down there!

8. Malta’s Prehistoric temples


These prehistoric temples are simply unmissable. Considered to be among the oldest building on earth, they are all UNESCO World Heritage Sites and are believed to have been built between 3600BC and 2500BC. The buildings, which far out-date Stonehenge, contain stone furniture, hallways and roofs and prove how sophisticated man was back then. Among the best temple are Mnajdra and Hagar Qim which stand roughly 500m apart. Make sure to explore the visitor centre prior to seeing the temples as it will put what you see in much more context. Audio guides are also available.

That’s it, we hope you enjoy your trip to Malta and visit some of the sites mentioned above!

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