Portrait of a Belle

Articles featuring intrepid women, well known and not, who always keep travel interesting.

Iris Origo and Tales of 20th Century Tuscany

A woman who lived under the Tuscan sun in the early 1900s The villa and beautiful gardens at La Foce in Tuscany. An Italian nobleman for a husband. The stuff of dreams for many a Travel Belle. But Iris Origo's life was no fairy tale.…

Meet Former Commercial Airline Pilot, Jessica Orquina

Jessica Orquina, former commercial airline pilot Travel Belle Jessica Orquina started flying planes as a teenager. As an adult, she turned her hobby into a profession, working first as a flight instructor and then as a commercial pilot and member of the U.S. Air Force…

Jeanne Baret: First Woman to Travel Around the World

As the first woman to travel around the world,  Jeanne Baret is definitely on the list as contender for the original Travel Belle. Neil Armstrong. Ferdinand Magellan. Roald Amundsen. Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay. The first men to set foot on the moon, circumnavigate the…

Meet the Travel Channel's Samantha Brown

Let me be honest - I want Samantha Brown's job. So when I found myself sitting across the table talking with the Travel Channel star, I was a bit intimidated, starstruck, and envious. But, as our conversation continued all these emotions quickly melted away. Samantha is friendly, genuine, and disarming. How could I be envious and plot to steal her job when I really liked her?

Memories of Finding New Life on the MS Stockholm

She may be known as the cause of one of history's most famous maritime disasters, and for an attack by pirates, but to me the MS Stockholm will always be cherished as the ship that brought the first of my Danish family members to North America.

Seeing the World from the Saddle with Equitrekking’s Darley Newman

Since this is a big dream, let's run with it: She would be host and producer of her own national television show that would not be interrupted by stupid commercials, or ever mistaken for mindless brain rot. Instead her "Katie Couric travels the world on horseback" type show would be shot in stunning High Definition, air on PBS and win Emmy Awards. Viewers would be whisked away to some of the world's most exciting destinations to experience culture, cuisine, history and adventure.