How To Pack For A Cruise

Cruising is increasingly becoming one of the most popular holiday options for tourists all around the world. A record 1.9 million British people went on a cruise holiday in 2016 and there is no sign of these numbers slowing down. Packing for such cruise holidays can be quite hectic, especially if you’ve managed to find … Read more

Smart Travel Hacks: How To Travel Like A Seasoned Adventurer


When it comes to travel, there is no better place to start than Travel Belles. You can kiss goodbye to that moment when nothing fits in the suitcase. Why? Because we’ve got the low down on all of the smart travel hacks you’ll need for any adventure – whether it’s booking, packing, flying or spending. 1. … Read more

The Most Popular Private Jet Routes Around the World

The most popular private jet routes around the world tend to begin or end in New York or London. That’s according to information gathered by global real estate consultancy Knight Frank in its annual Wealth Reports. They have been following private jet travel the past few years as part of Knight Frank’s analysis of global … Read more

Never Drink Alone in Montreal

Pulling our suitcases behind us down Laurent Boulevard towards Old Montreal, we were two women ready to take on the eighth largest city in North America. Adults in the eyes of most laws around the world – Meg, a recent high school graduate, me her mother, not. At first I feared I made a mistake bringing … Read more

Do you always travel with a camera?

And What’s the best conversation you’ve had with a stranger on a plane? The Travel Belles talk about their camera addictions and share the best conversations they’ve had on a plane.  Weekly Question #18: Do you always travel with a camera? It seems that we are a group of dedicated shutter-bugs: the answer to this … Read more

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