5 Things You’ll Miss Most When You Travel


You stop at Starbucks every morning for your daily caffeine fix. The barista knows your order by heart – Medium Vanilla Frappuccino. You can’t live without it. Then you leave for vacation and your hotel is 15 miles from the nearest Starbucks. *GASP* Now, unless you’re a crazy person, you probably didn’t choose your vacation … Read more

Your Hawaiian Experience – Three Recommended Tour Types


Hawaii has much to offer the female traveller. The extraordinary and exotic beauty of the land, the natural and political history, and a fascinating people are all there for your exploration. If you arrange your trip carefully, you can see the beauty of the island, absorb its rich history, enjoy hikes, and meet fellow travellers … Read more

The Most Popular Private Jet Routes Around the World


The most popular private jet routes around the world tend to begin or end in New York or London. That’s according to information gathered by global real estate consultancy Knight Frank in its annual Wealth Reports. They have been following private jet travel the past few years as part of Knight Frank’s analysis of global … Read more

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