Morning Boat Ride Around the Croatian Islands

We found a portly elderly couple, the man strong and silent, his wild-haired wife bossing him around and ordering him to take us to the island. We probably paid too much – about $25 for a one hour ride – but they were so cute and hilarious we couldn’t say no.

A Colorful Grey Day in Amsterdam

Everywhere I looked something interesting was there to catch my eye. If I needed fur-covered wooden shoes or old-fashioned skate blades that buckled on, this was the place to find them. If I found a run in my tights, no worries! Plastic legs hung from a beam showcased versions in lurid red diamonds, blue stripes and black argyle. And should I find myself feeling nostalgic for those the days of Communism, a line of hammer and sickle topped hats danced in the breeze.

The Hiding Place: Haarlem, The Netherlands

In 1940 the Nazi’s invaded Holland and before long were rounding up Jews and political dissidents, sending them off to prisons, concentration camps and forced labor. In a tall, narrow home just steps away from the Grote Markt, an elderly clock maker and his two unmarried, middle-aged daughters put plans in motion to save as many as they could.

Tips for a European Road Trip in Germany

Getting the Most out of a European Road Trip Sometimes I like to travel without a plan. Just pack my things, get in a car with dear friends, and head off down the road and see where it takes us. One warm August day in Germany my sister-in-law Kendra, our friend Amy and I decided … Read more

Bled Castle of Slovenia

One of the oldest castles in Slovenia, Bled Castle is an imposing medieval edifice perched atop a 130-meter cliff towering above the cool glacial waters of Lake Bled in the Julian Alps. First mentioned in written sources in 1011 AD, the medieval castle began with a single Romanesque tower and over the centuries more towers, … Read more

Germany’s Detmold Open Air Museum

art building museum

Besides being the largest open-air museum in Germany, the Detmold Open Air Museum (Freilichtmuseum Detmold) holds a very special place in my heart. t was there that my family finally got to meet my dear friend Rita, a German girl I met when we were both nannies in Portugal, and it was there that I … Read more

Corfu Part Three: A Trip to Mouse Island

Part Three of Krista’s travels to Corfu: It was a gloriously hot day in Greece as my friends and I decided to leave our pool side oasis and start exploring the beautiful island of Corfu. As we tossed around ideas, my brother mentioned a place called Mouse Island. As soon as he spoke those words, … Read more

A Little Peace at a Convent on Corfu

Part two of a three part series on Krista’s visit to the island of Corfu: The sun was glorious and hot as my six friends and I left our poolside oasis at the Hotel Pantokrator and headed out to explore the island of Corfu. While our 9-passenger van had served us well through the back … Read more

Blinded by the Beauty of Corfu

Part one of a three part series on visiting Corfu Arrival: The spring sun was setting brilliantly over the Ionian Sea as my six friends and I boarded our ferry in Igoumenitsa, Greece, and headed for the island of Corfu. We clambered up to the top deck, found spots on slatted wooden benches, and let … Read more

Southern Italy Girls Trip to a Fairytale Villa

A 10 day girls’ getaway with a stay in Salerno Lace curtains billowed from shuttered windows that opened to reveal a misty valley of orchards, vineyards and beautifully aged Italian country homes. The Tyrrhenian Sea glistened a few miles off the Salerno coast as I breathed in air fragrant with sun-warmed herbs and smiled at the … Read more

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