Tips for a European Road Trip in Germany

Getting the Most out of a European Road Trip Sometimes I like to travel without a plan. Just pack my things, get in a car with dear friends, and head off down the road and see where it takes us. One warm August day in Germany my sister-in-law Kendra, our friend Amy and I decided … Read more

Bled Castle of Slovenia

One of the oldest castles in Slovenia, Bled Castle is an imposing medieval edifice perched atop a 130-meter cliff towering above the cool glacial waters of Lake Bled in the Julian Alps. First mentioned in written sources in 1011 AD, the medieval castle began with a single Romanesque tower and over the centuries more towers, … Read more

Germany’s Detmold Open Air Museum

art building museum

Besides being the largest open-air museum in Germany, the Detmold Open Air Museum (Freilichtmuseum Detmold) holds a very special place in my heart. t was there that my family finally got to meet my dear friend Rita, a German girl I met when we were both nannies in Portugal, and it was there that I … Read more

A Unique Red Beach at Oyster Point Park, Queensland

Oyster Point Park, red beach in queensland australia

Australia is justly known for its gorgeous beaches with acres of white sand stretching out to meet a crashing surf. But it has some hidden treasures as well, like this red sand beach at Oyster Point Park in Cleveland, Queensland. Oyster Point Park is a secluded, quiet spot bordering a koala colony. It is ideal … Read more

Brisbane Girls Trip on a Budget

Brisbane on a budget There are few things better than a Girl’s Getaway, especially when it’s to a fabulous city like Brisbane, Queensland. But sometimes the cost of hotels, transportation, food, and entertainment can add up so fast the trip is over before it even begins. Queensland Museum of Art Thankfully, with a bit of … Read more

Main Range National Park in Australia

Natural Beauties in Queensland, Australia’s own Sunshine State Americans may think of Florida when they hear of The Sunshine State, but here in Australia our Sunshine State is my new home of Queensland. It is a truly beautiful region with warm, sunny days even in the dead of winter with some of Australia’s most stunning … Read more