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Where would you keep returning to?

…and do you use a frequent flier programme? The Travel Belles discuss saving money while spending miles and share their favourite places around the world.   Weekly Question #16: Which place would you return to again and again? Greece, France, Italy and the Middle East – lots of places have lodged themselves in the Travel … Read more

Do you still buy traditional guidebooks?

…And do you have a favorite Paris hotel? The Travel Belles tackle the practical question of travel information-gathering, and dream about best places to stay in the City of Light.   Weekly Question #14: Do you still use traditional guidebooks? Considering we’re a committed group of internet-savvy, blog-writing Travel Belles, it seems we still have … Read more

Do you always travel with a camera?

And What’s the best conversation you’ve had with a stranger on a plane? The Travel Belles talk about their camera addictions and share the best conversations they’ve had on a plane.  Weekly Question #18: Do you always travel with a camera? It seems that we are a group of dedicated shutter-bugs: the answer to this … Read more

UK Editor Update: Looking for Downton Abbey

confused hometown with downton abbey

American tourists flock to wrong village in search of Downton Abbey The Telegraph, 02 Sep 2013 I laughed out loud when I came across this article – my parents have recently moved to Downton in Wiltshire, so it just tickled me to think of confused tourists turning up in their local pub. Quite understandably, people … Read more

Weekly Question Round-up: Favorite Travel Films


Our second Weekly Question in May asked: What’s your favorite travel-related film? As it turns out, we’re all big film fans, and the conversation took off both in the forum and on Twitter – but most of us found it too hard to choose just one!

We introduced each other to films from a whole range of genres and eras and enthused over common favourites together. So, what’s on the Travel Belles ‘Must-see Movies’ list?

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