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Off-Season Magic in Lago di Garda, Italy

In mid-March, warming weather rouses the tiny castle town of Sirmione like a drowsy debutante. I’ve chosen to visit Sirmione of all the towns around Lago di Garda because I have, admittedly, a girlish fondness for castles. And all too fitting, my mom is with me on this trip to see a castle famously fit for a fairy-tale.

Rebellion Against My Paris Guidebook

Back at the hotel, I fish out my copy of Time Out Paris, which is luckily still in the bin (I paid 8 dollars for it!) and turn to section on The Marais. Of course, the Place des Vosges, the Bains du Marais, and the Hotel de la Ville are all listed inside, but the descriptions seem flat and empty. I’m ready to throw it back in the bin when I remember that all guidebooks are flat…that’s why we go to the places and don’t just buy the guidebooks! I suppose I’ll keep this one for a little longer after all in the hopes that there are other gems waiting to be discovered.