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Even More Budget Restaurants In Paris

Where to eat in Paris’ 6th to 10th arrondissements without breaking the bank can be a difficult question. Never fear: Travel Belles is here! You may also like: Budget Restaurants In Paris 6th arrondissement The 6th arrondissement is a great location for shopping; the boutiques along Rue du Four are particularly worth exploring, but you’ll need somewhere to grab … Read more

Bistro, Brasserie, Café, Wine Bar? Where to Eat In France | The Differences


What are the differences between a Paris bistro, brasserie, café & wine bar? France is famous for its cuisine, and with establishments ranging from three-star Michelin gastronomic havens to sidewalk crêpe stands doling out thin pancakes with Nutella, the choices are varied. For most tourists passing through Paris, however, the day-to-day meal falls along the curve of … Read more

Prehistoric Europe in Tautavel, France

There’s a certain timelessness to be found in the Aude. This department in Languedoc-Roussillon in the southwest of France, hidden in the peaks and valleys of the Pyrenees, seems almost caught between eras: the puttering Deux Cheveaux – affectionately called dodoches by the locals – could place us in the 1960s, but the mountains themselves could … Read more