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5 Things You’ll Miss Most When You Travel

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You stop at Starbucks every morning for your daily caffeine fix. The barista knows your order by heart – Medium Vanilla Frappuccino. You can’t live without it.

Then you leave for vacation and your hotel is 15 miles from the nearest Starbucks. *GASP*

Now, unless you’re a crazy person, you probably didn’t choose your vacation destination with proximity to a Starbucks in mind.

When going on vacation you’re prepared to miss your friends, family, and pets, but there are a few things you’ll be surprised to find yourself missing.

Check out our list of unexpected items travellers miss most while away from home.

Your Bed

Your bed is the haven you can collapse into at the end of a draining day. It has those silky soft sheets you love and the mattress is already shaped to your body’s sleeping position. Hotel beds can be uber comfortable, but they just aren’t your bed. It’s actually rather reminiscent to elements from Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Some beds are too firm, some beds are too soft, and only yours is just right. The best part about coming home from vacation (if such a thing exists) is cozying up in your comfy bed. And if you did your research, you’d know why.

Your Wardrobe

Perhaps one of the toughest sacrifices to make while traveling is not having your full closet of clothes. You’re forced to stuff as much as you can into your not-so-large suitcase without knowing what you’re going to be doing, where you’re going to be going, or what the weather will be like. You have no other choice but to piece outfits together based on the random assortment of tops, pants, and shoes you tossed into your bag and hope that you’ve dressed appropriately for the occasion. Also, how many times can you wear a shirt before the odor is no longer socially acceptable? Another reason to miss your full wardrobe.

Your Routine

One of the best parts about a vacation is the time you get to spend doing absolutely nothing but relaxing. You can stay out as late as you want, wake up mid-afternoon if you choose, and never check your email if you don’t want to. But most of us reach a point where we feel compelled to check back in with reality, especially toward the end of the trip. You grow to miss certain elements of your daily routine, like coffee and Facebook in the morning or catching up with co-workers over lunch. You realize you don’t have it so bad at home, and some of the things you were so excited to get away from are now things you can’t wait to return to.

Exercising and Healthy Eating

We all strive for that skinny-minnie beach body and we work hard for it. In the days, weeks, and months leading up to that big vacation we push ourselves to the limit in the gym and in the kitchen so we can feel our best when we put on that bathing suit.

But how many actually continue that workout and eating routine once their vacation begins? You deserve a seriously big pat on the back if you choose to go for a three-mile run in the afternoon instead of laying poolside with a drink in your hand. At the end of the day though, do you ever feel as rejuvenated and healthy as you do if you were on your normal physical and dietary schedule? My guess is no. The best you can do is stay hydrated, at least.

Who would have ever thought you’d miss protein shakes and squats while on vacation? You would be surprised, though, how much of a difference it makes.

Your Favourite TV Shows

Let’s face it, you’re not going to skip that sunset hike with the award-winning view or give up fifth row seats to see U2 in concert just so you can find out who was voted off the Bachelor. But, once that hike or concert is over and you’re headed back to your room for the night, part of you starts to wonder if your favourite girl was kept around or sent packing without a rose.

Even if you did make it back from your outing to catch a few minutes of the show, who’s to say your hotel even subscribes to that channel. And what if you’re traveling out of the country or the network is in another language? While the rest of the country is either crying or rejoicing over the rose ceremony results, you’re left in the dark and that makes you sad.


All-in-all, there’s bound to be a few things you have to live without while traveling, but that’s all part of the adventure. Making due with what you have and living minimalistic for a few days is all worth it for the life-changing experience exploring the world provides. You will return to your daily routine before you know it, so rather than dwelling on the things you’re missing out on while away, embrace the new environment you’re in. Explore, try new things, learn and grow.


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