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Travel Belles, launched in March of 2010, offers a great platform for travel and lifestyle brands to connect with an engaged global audience of female travelers. We cover the travel adventures of our editors, along with those of some of our longstanding Travel Belle contributors.

Some of the things we cover:

International Travel (our editors are based in the US, the UK, and Australia)
Luxury travel
Good value/affordable luxury travel
Solo travel
Girlfriend travel
Food and wine travel
Boutique Hotels
Health and wellness travel
Reviews of travel related products and services
Travel photography

Editorial policy

This blog covers the personal trips of our network and members. We are happy to engage, endorse and represent brands that we have used and love. Please get in touch if you think TB is the right platform for your travel brand, product or service.

Most of the content on the site is from trips we have paid for in full ourselves. But when we do receive any compensation in the form of comped or discounted travel that results in an article or mention, this will be clearly disclosed. In any case, it will always be of primary importance for us to provide our readers with our honest opinion about a destination, experience or product.

How to work with us

Editorial coverage – The best way to obtain editorial coverage from us is to invite one of our editors to experience your destination, product or service. If determined to be of interest to our readers, we then share our experiences through this blog and our social media platforms. There is no charge for this service, but note that our travel costs should be covered. Our coverage potentially extends beyond site, as all three of our editors operate other blogs and contribute to outlets beyond Travel Belles.

Please note that we discard most generic story pitches and press releases. If you take the time to explore our site and formulate a unique pitch for us, you have a better chance of getting our attention.

Press trips – Although we occasionally accept offers for group press trips, since this is a website about our personal travels, we have a preference for small or private press trips. This is so we can find our own stories, traveling as we usually do and honestly share the experience with our readers.  If you or your client would consider a small or private press trip, please get in touch.

Sponsored posts – If our brands are aligned, a commercial post is a great way to reach our readers. Please note that when initially contacting us, it is in your best interest to make your commercial intentions transparent, as we ignore and delete all emails with vague offers such as those offering “free content.” Rates for sponsored posts range from $150 – 500 depending on package. Posts are always clearly disclosed as sponsored as is required by FCC regulations.

Giveaways – Another way to engage with our readers is through a giveaway via our weekly newsletter. Unless a giveaway is both highly relevant to our readers and of reasonable value, we do not conduct giveaways with blog posts that require time consuming and multiple entries. Please contact us with the details of who you are and what you are looking for. We’d love to discuss!

Affiliate Ads – We feel many smaller travel businesses are a particularly good fit for our readership and  plan to launch a selective affiliate program in mid-2015. If you would like to be on the list to discuss this, please let us know!

Content writing/Social media marketing/Brand Ambassador and Digital campaigns – We are experienced freelance writers, copywriters, and editors, and fluent in the latest social media marketing technology. We understand that each situation is unique and would love to discuss working with you to meet your promotional and content needs.

Please direct all inquiries to