Healthy Travel

In this section we bring you articles about how to stay healthy while traveling and also how to be in your best health in general so you can get out in the world and take on the world at your best.

Going Gluten Free in Paris

gluten free in paris

For travelers with celiac disease or a gluten intolerance, going gluten-free in unfamiliar cities can feel like a minefield and can take some of the spontaneous fun out of city breaks. I’ve been traveling gluten-free for 6 years now, so with a few gluten-free guides of popular destinations, I hope to show that no gluten […]

6 Travel Safety Tips for Women


Travel safety tips to best prepare and protect yourself during travel Before even hitting the tarmac there are dozens of small decisions that any Belle preparing for solo travel will have to make. And for Travel Belles of any age nothing is more important of a consideration than personal safety.   Your most important safety decision […]

Dream Water: Peace on Earth in a Bottle

Dream Water put to the test on an overseas flight by a lousy travel sleeper For me sleeping the night before a big trip is usually out of the question. By the time I wheel my suitcase into the airport and check in (and likely check my bag in too), my excitement, without a good […]

Travel for the Soul

When getting out of town is the best medicine There comes a time in everyone’s life where we are just stuck. Stuck in the same everyday routine, stuck in an unsure relationship, stuck with the idea of not knowing where we want to be and go, and stuck left wanting something more out of our […]

How to Deal with Jet Lag

6 tips for overcoming “The Laggies”(and a little word play, too) “The Laggies” is a term invented by my good friend Laurie and I. When I spoke to Laurie about this post and thanked her for coining the term she immediately protested that it was I who had invented it. Apparently we both have been […]

5 Steps to Dehydration Prevention During Travel

Dehydration prevention while traveling is easy with these 5 tips I wanted to take a minute to remind you how important it is to stay hydrated at all times; especially while you are on the road exploring the many wonders of the world. We all know that water consumption is an important part of daily […]

10 Tips for Adventurous Solo Travel for Women


Travel Belles know that exploring the world has it rewards: seeing beautiful scenery, meeting new people, experiencing different cultures and, of course, trying the delicious flavors of other countries. Still, we also recognize that adventures often come with challenges, especially when traveling alone. With the right kind of preparation, though, you can minimize or even […]

The 20-Minute Hotel Room Workout

A hotel room workout for women to balance that vacation indulgence with a quick, easy workout I can already hear the uncertainty of some Belles after reading the title of this article: “20-minute workout on vacation? No thank you!” Yes, I know vacation is suppose to be about relaxing and taking a break from it all. Still, […]